19 October 2016

Crowdfunding for legal fees + Meredith and Mummy 1 Year 5 Months

Hello.. This update took REALLY long becox i was going through one of the toughest time of my life. Every month it takes lotsa effort but i still maintain to blog and document Meredith's growing up diary.. Becox this blog is meaningful to me. It's 7-8 years worth of time and effort i spent. Every post i pour my heart out.. Anger, happiness, sadness, joy, everything..

But this time round it's extra hard to get down to it cox i am dealing with a lawsuit with Churp Churp, they want to sue me, to be exact. I am not in the position to discuss the case right now as legal proceedings have already commenced.

This is an article by TODAY, if you're looking for an official update on what's gone on the last month, all of my savings had been used up in the past one year plus of email correspondence, letter exchanges, contract reading and consultation etc, plus i went to many different lawyers before i could settle with one i am confident with.

When i was short of cash to pay for deposit when i got served the writ of summon, my second sister didn't say another word, put down her lunch, went to transfer me the amount needed for the deposit.. She is someone who won't even spend more than $3 usually per meal on herself..

Every single dollar matter to her.. But she could lend the money to me without second thoughts, so that i could put in the deposit when i got served.

Sijie is a trueblood workaholic but just a few days ago when the lawyers' bill came in to, she took a half day leave from work to pool her savings from different bank accounts and to transfer the money to me.

My third sister wanted to pass me some money from her savings that is meant for her house that is coming soon as she now stays with sijie while waiting for the house to come. I couldn't take that money becox it's a matter of time, she will need the money soon.

My dad has told Ah Bong to help withdraw his lifelong savings of but i refuse to take a single cent i hope for this you can understand why.. My dad is 70 year old. I can't take his savings.

Josh wants to sell his HDB flat to use the cash to tide me through this lawsuit.. My husband loves me so much that he can be so silly. He even wanted to sell his HDB flat asap to tide over the legal proceedings started against me.

I cried and i told him we can't do that, becox the market is very low now and we bought the house in resale market at a relatively high price and if even if we do sell it, the cash proceeds might not even be able to cover a few months of legal fees.

And i remember how just week plus ago i cried so badly in a voicenote to him, about how our second baby is on the way but i have blood spotting everyday due to stress and over-exertion and need to be on medication and regular check up etc to make sure i don't end up in miscarriage. At that point I just really broke down.

Everything seems to happen all at once. What am i to do..? What can i do..? I am just one person..

He was so worried overseas and assured me he will handle it with me once he's back.

Everyone wants to help.. But i can't take all of their help becox some are bleeding themselves so that i can survive this lawsuit..

I feel very sorry.. Not for myself. But for how much this is also hurting my family.. Yet everyday, without fail, they check on me, check how's my mental well-being, check how is my pregnancy.. Check if i have enough money to run.. You know how only when in the darkest of time, will you see the brightest of light?

This is exactly what is happening.. I am going through dark time of my life but i don't feel sorry for myself, i feel really touched by all the kindness and warmth people around me shown me..

And i feel really blessed with this new life inside me. This is something even money can't buy, i believe. And if i can carry this life safely, to see this beautiful world, i would do it at any cost. 天生天养, my papa always say.. And i believe.

I feel really humbled, by how powerful LOVE can get. Love from a sister.. Love from a husband.. Love from a father.. Love from a friend.. I see how people can help someone else, not for their own benefit, but simply just to lend a hand if it doesn't break an arm.. Or even if it DOES break an arm..

Through this episode, more than anything, i am full of gratefulness to see how selfless people can get in times of need..

All that i really have is a baby, a husband, a supportive family and a group of very supportive friends.. Plus supportive readers.. That's all i have. That may not be enough to pull me through this lawsuits but that gave me enough courage to make a stand for myself.

And that's all i have to say.


If not for family members.. I don't think i could pull through this month.. I already tried my best to photoshop away my eyebags and dark circles from sooooo many long nights of filing and crying wth.
Meredith and Xuan Xuan being happy just standing by the window and watching cars in the carpark haha.. I hope they can forever stay so clueless and worry-free..
One day Rachell pop by.. Out of the many people who offered support, she's really one who goes beyond what she can.. It is a blessing we somehow ended up being good friends through similar shitty experience haha.. She would turn up with just some midnight snacks for me and family or pop by to drop off some toys for Meredith, Xuan Xuan and Yurou T.T
Taking picture for instagram for this awesome carrier with Meredith one day and then you see this girl really is 青出于蓝 胜于蓝!!! Hahaha she really pose better than me wor!
Told her "Okay mummy gonna put you down already okay" then she "No no no" *hug* T___T OKAY I CARRY YOU FOREVER AND EVER OKAYYYY!!!
In other news, finally got back in shape for free. With stress from this whole lawsuit and with being a mum lol. Who wants free weightloss program please try getting sued lol.
If there's a time to thank and credit whoever loves to be credited, maybe this would be the time =)
Another good thing from this episode is that our family stick closer together.. =)))
Bringing the two little lovebirds to Cool De Sac again!!! I love it so much omg this time round was the first time i try the food at the cafe! Previously only try their cakes. The food quite nice!!!
With auntie Jia who crash the kiddo's date haha! She's obsessed with Junjun! Cheesie damn win wth. Bring Sakura and Junjun out of the house on her own O.O
Continueing the havoc with a dinner date at Starker's with Yuzhen and Michelle =DDD
Her first time holding an ice cream like that haha. Initially she didn't know what to do with it until we had to teach her how to eat it hahaha.
I think she loves it =D With my erjie who teaches her all the unhealthy indulgences in life lol. Ice cream and candies and fighting =___=
Weekends are the best time of the whole week!!! Cox it means family time~ =DDD We always do nothing but eat and chill over TV =D Simple life pleasure~
Where i do my filing of paperwork for the lawsuit.. I can't imagine who i am up against but i am working my hardest from where i am, to make sure i stand up for the right thing for myself and for everyone else who might be involved next time if i fall. The only comfort i have is it is pleasing to the eyes and i have Meredith sitting on her princess couch with me sometimes.. ='))
One night the car i've waited for really long arrived. It's a Porsche LOLOL.

A pariah one obviously. I ship it in from China and it cost about $92. Gotta wait for about a month all in all though! But shipping is much cheaper than air freight! And it's like my childhood dream come true, but for Meredith instead haha.

When i was little i always play this kind of control car at Chinatown with my little sister. My dad promised so many times to buy me one!!! Until now i dua buu han already he still never buy hahaha. 

But i let Josh scold and suan until O.O He is banning me from buying things from China that needs fixing LOL. We so far fixed a bicycle and this only he give up liao.

But you know if you buy a kiddy car like that in Singapore it's gonna cost $300 and up! Sometimes up to thousand over, for the more authentic looking one. For $92 i think we got a very good deal lol.

One of those nights i don't have to do filing cox awaiting more info and then i get to look at this two looking at the TV ='))) I remember feeling really happy and content.. And wish there were more moments like that..
My erjie have been popping by often to help me play with Meredith while i do filing.. And she never fail to get cute selfies with Meredith haha..
Out for evening strolls.. Meredith LOVESSSSS her handbag omg. Machiam auntie!!!! Haha!
"Today the fish got discount! Geen zao!!!"
Ask her for a smile she gave me this hahaha. I say "it's too strong already your smile! Smile softer?"
Then she gimmie this hahahaha. My daughter really got modelling potential or what O.O Haha!
"再说我吗, 妈妈?" Yes baby, talking about you =DDD
"But 我不要做 model.. 我要做你的 baby.." T_____T SHE REALLY LOVE TO BE SWADDLE AND PRETEND TO BE BABY LEHHH!!! Hahahah.. We just thought it'd be fun so we try but later she keep passing us the swaddle and make us swaddle and carry her like that hahaha! Then still can ask me show papa, show auntie, show this and that person haha.
"作 baby 不用付钱. 我要永远做 baby ; )" Hahaha!
With my forever baby =)))
"你讲谁是 baby?!" Hahaha bi polar characteristics runs in the genes.
Totally, outrightly scratching her toes happily without a care, WHILE she have her snack. Why are you so much like mummy, Meredith? Hahaha. No need DNA test, this one confirm my daughter.
Tied up her hair to see how she'd look like haha.
Conclusion: It looks cute ^.^
Told her "Let's take a picture" and she smize me hahaha.
The whole family was going out on a weekend and wanted to travel together so we took a bus and Meredith was excited with pressing the bell haha..
Meredith saw this and said "Mama" Meredith, there you are as well =)) Thanks again, Two Bears for helping us take this beautiful picture!
The day someone got started on big girl pants and was so excited becox before that i've been preparing her with book about potty. Where the little babies can be potty stars lol. We succeeded at first but later she grew more and more dislike towards the potty to a point she told us she's "scared. 怕怕. Skair yee" Haha. Skair yee = Scary. That's after she peed and pooped in it you knowww T.T So sayang. But i don't want to make her resent the potty further so we stopped making her and will try again when she'd capable of reasoning so we can reason or negotiate with her hahaha..
Boss life chose her =_= Haha.
Bringing her water bottle to go find Rachell to "切" which is her cao ling dai version of "cheers" haha.
Bought a little flag for her and she LOVEEEEEE it so much omg.
I hope she'd someone useful for Singapore next time! Someone who can do Singapore proud and do something useful and good for the society =')))
"I don't know about that mom. I just thought this flag was fun" O.O
老白 was out for rent and we went there for dinner hehe. Went with Mich, Monkey and Carolyn together with Josh and all.

And i really don't want to elaborate on this but what happened later in the evening was, Josh, myself and Meredith had the most scary fall of our life while we went for a stroll.

We fell into the drain..

It was scary becox Meredith fell in first and her eyes was just mere centimetres away from this metal bar sticking upwards..

As she fall, the metal bar brushed pass her cheeks (where you see the bruise). It bleed immediately and then got swollen and just an hour later, turn green, blue, purple on top of red.. That whole night felt different.. Although Meredith forgot about it an hour later.. The whole time i was still in shock.

She run around normally but i'm still on high-alert. So much so that i suddenly feel i got super power. That night i react super fast, eyes sight super sharp and everything. It's like my senses all got heightened O.O I don't know if any mums can understand what i'm saying?!

I am forever grateful that the metal bar didn't go into her eyes with the impact of her fall..

Thank you, i know someone, something must have been protecting Meredith.

So freaking shocked, thankful, scared and everything that i cried. Thank you Rachell and Sean for helping us with first-aid to clean Meredith wound up.. Thank you Michie and Carolyn for cheering Meredith up with ice cream and everything..

We were thinking if we should go home at 7.30pm, or should we follow Mich to ION to catch Pokemon haha. We went ahead with going out becox i don't want Meredith to go home and be focusing on the "pain pain". Turns out a good choice becox..
Girl knows her stuff. She saw all the brands like Dior and LV and ownself walk up to their shops and stood there and smile WAITING FOR ME TO TAKE PICTURES FOR HER WTFFFFF LOLOL. Omg i really =OOO Then nevermind.. Later some couple also taking pictures there, and i offered to help them take and as i was doing it, Meredith stood beside me patiently and wait then when i say "Okay done~" Meredith walk into the frame and stood and pose with them WO DE TIAN. NOBODY ASKED FOR YOUR INVOLVEMENT LEH BABY HAHAHA. But that made the couple so happy and they happily pose with Meredith =_= HAHA. By the way Mich got her this dress and it's so cute. Haha. It's a onesie inside.
We also went to Guardian to do some swatches with Palladio natural ingredient makeup hahaha. She really love it so much, doing makeup swatches on her hand hahaha.
Went back home to video call all her aunties and yeye one by one cox they all want to see her and know how is she after the fall.
With me and my partner in crime, Miyake, for Colourfool filming. Our ride is kindly loaned to us by Carcove for filming =DDD I am very thankful becox Good Feelim has allowed me to understand my friends (Miyake, Rachell, Jia) better and allow me to work with nice clients..
And allowed me to see more sides of Josh =____=" HAHA. SO UGLY LAH WTF.
And also not forgetting to thank the people who always help out silently behind the scene whenever they can.. Like Mich helping us to drive the car while we do the bumpy car ride makeup challenge..
Before we head out for dinner with the Carcove bunch.. "Oh no, my bruising is obvious, let me pose like this to cover" Lol.
Offering her kiss to Jamie haha..
Happy Birthday Xiao Mi Joey~!!! =DDD Such a happy and blessed little family.. =)))
Group shot! 亮点 is Jacus at the back haha. Laugh until so wide Thian and Deng that i can meet this wonderful bunch of people HAHA.
EVERYDAY. Must come snuggle soooooo close that i cannot breath haha. If it's not my chest, it's my shoulder.. Sometimes it's my belly.
All these milk powder for Meredith, sponsored by her godma Mich! T.T Thank you for raising my child hahaha #RoleModelGodma #BestGodma
That week was really tough cox i just got served the Writ of Summon so to cheer me up, Mich took a day off everything to bring our little family around. First stop was to my favourite duck =D
Then to Hello Kitty cafe at the airport!!! =D
Seeing her smile.. Makes my day..
And then we went the free playground within the airport and watch planes take off and land.. Meredith is really blessed with loving adults around her.. =')))
And at night.. We go for these sinful indulgence..
Thank you, i can never thank you enough Michelle Thian T.T But 我心里满满的.
Erjie got the kids some nostalgic toys haha..
Bang bang!
Was having such a bad migraine from lack of sleep that i had to miss out family time.. Woke up seeing these pictures in my phone and i was really happy.. I hope these girls grow up to always be this close. And be there for each other like how my sisters are there for me..
Sunday TV time with yeye and Ah Bong gor gor..
Went to find Sijie and when we were playing i apply nail polish for Xuan Xuan hahaha. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT, look at her little fingers!!! She was holding them like that for them to dry! So cute hahaha.
Meanwhile.. My bff gave me these and say, 你很喜欢画画给我对吗 我现在画 还给你 不客气" wth hahaha. Some people are just not very talented. Somemore can tell me we are bff thats why half is green (her favourite colour) and half is orange (my "favourite" colour) =___=" Jin childish.
Was taking pictures with Meredith for an instagram posting and then this was what happened. Told Meredith "Give mummy a VERY happy smile, can?"
And this what the heck hahaha. Granted she was in a very good mood but omg her smiles melts my heart hahaha.
"But Meredith mummy need to see your teeth, show mummy your teeth~"
Ownself show teeth liao then feel a bit shy hahaha.
But did it for mummy anyway haha.
One of the many days in the month of my filing for the lawsuit.. I took this shot becox i want to remember that just seconds ago Meredith was standing here crying and asking for her mummy to play with her. But mummy can't becox she is filing and she's running out of time.. And i want to remember forever, how strong i am right there and then. For me to give my baby a hug before she's brought away crying, and then i continue to do what i have to do even when i'm drowned in tears.. I want to remember that i went through this, when i was standing up for myself, when i was doing the right thing even when it's hard.
Took time off for dinner and brought Meredith to go find Cheesie and her little ones. LOOK AT THIS SAKURA!!!!! HER HANDS!!!! *HEARTEYES* 伸出"圆"手 for real hahaha.
The kiddos surrounding Carolyn for Pokemon GO haha..
And while some clients shun me becox of the lawsuit (which is okay, it's totally understandable), some clients puts extra warmth to keep my heart from going cold.. Thank you, Kai Li and the Singapore L'oreal team.. Whatever nice things people do for me now, i'd always remember and be thankful..
The two smelly faces haha. My second sister make sure she spend time checking in on me or simply pop by to play with Meredith while i get busy with filing for the case.. This is something i appreciate a lot becox my biggest guilt is neglecting Meredith of playtime becox of this.
I hope a kiddy ride can continue to make you happy for a much longer time.. That means you're still my baby.. Haha.. =')
Mich took this when she was overseas and told me she want to let me know that there's always hope.

I do believe so =')))

And i offered to return her kind gesture by painting this for her.

She told me if i want to lose my one and only bff then i can go ahead and paint.

I don't get it, why does she hate my painting so much? LOLOL.

It's really not that bad =D

Alright i'm gonna go rest.. This pregnancy is really taking a very big toll on me on top of the lawsuit.. With Meredith the pregnancy felt like a breeze. Everything was so smooth O.O

This pregnancy i get very bad EVENING sickness and everyday i get red / brown blood spotting and i almost feel heavy-headed and tired from day to night. It's like some days it's so bad that i can't even lift my eyes to open fully wth. It is THAT heavy.

Not sure if it's my heart or my head that's heavy..

But i will pull through.

And if you can help me do so by helping with the legal fees.. Thank you. I don't know what i can promise you other than continue to put out good content to influence more people to be better than who they currently are, even if it's hard sometimes.. But we all can, and we will..

I leave you here.. Thank you for your help.. And thank you for the good heart to help..

Or to Paypal bongqiuqiu@gmail.com 


I wish to clarify some points which were mentioned in this post, published on 19 October 2016.
First of all, if it wasn’t already clear from the second paragraph of my post, and the TODAY article which I had referred to, I am currently being sued by Churp Churp and no other company. While I had mentioned Nuffnang in my post, I am not being sued by them (although my contract with Nuffnang is a relevant matter in Churp Churp's lawsuit against me).

Nuffnang is a related but separate company from Churp Churp, and both Nuffnang and Churp Churp are subsidiaries of Netccentric, which is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.
There is clearly a huge difference in financial means between me and these companies. In her article, Huiwen talks about a “war chest” of funds which were raised by Netccentric from an IPO on the Australian Securities Exchange.

If you have clicked on the link to her article in my crowdfunding post and read it, it would be very obvious that this “war chest” (which are Huiwen's own words) has nothing to do with the funding of any lawsuit against me. I had quoted these words from Huiwen’s article, as they were striking, and only served to show how much more financial means they have compared to me as an individual not backed by any public listed company.
The only reason why I had even written this post and created the crowdfunding link in the first place, is that I am defending a lawsuit by Churp Churp, and I cannot do it on my own – my legal fees are something I need help with to continue fighting on.