27 August 2015

Which side are you on?

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The other day many people gathered at KFC for a face off.. Everyone is to pick a side.. A bit like piah zui (fight club lolol) except a lot more tastier than that haha!
We went to the KFC outlet at Kallang Stadium. It look so hipster omg. I think KFC really up their game =O Food getting more and more interesting, outlets getting more and more hipster and prices still kept low and valuable!!! =DDD
Featured wall so preets!
When food is served, Ben, Peishi and Yutaki hard at work haha! Bloggers at work all one pattern one *snap snap snap X 100* But the food looks SO GOOD, it's really worth a hundred shots =OOOO

We are all gathering for the BATTLE OF THE KFC WINGS~!!!

KFC launches the new KFC Wings – Freshly breaded in-store with a special batter, they are sooooooooooooo (I emphasize, SOOOOOOO) crispy!!!! And then it's coated in your choice of two bold flavours:

The tangy yet savoury Japanese Umadare and the sweet and spicy Korean Yang Yeum!

The batter they used for these coated wings is different from the usual batter used at KFC cox this one need to coat and stay crispy for a good time! That's why it's EXTRAAAAA crispy and yummy omggg T_T I crave for KFC each time i blog about KFC.

When it's launched just a week ago i went to eat it THREE times already =XXX In a week okay. It's too good i hope hope hope it stays in the menu FOREVER.

Introducing the Korean-inspired Yang Yeum wings. It's sweet and spicy and leaves a satisfying "shiok" sensation. I feel it's the same feeling like after tasting a good chili sauce!

So you know which side i am on already lah haha! I am Team #KFCOishii 

Haha! So fun!!! I look at the hashtag and initially most prefer the Yang Yeum but i notice Umadare catching up!!! So i'm happy cox i don't like losing and i love winning *serious stare* lolol.

Anyway i loveeee KFC food tasting. Always soooo happy one, eat good food, have fun, chit chat over the food.. After the food tasting ended we all stayed for another 1-2 hours more just to eat more wings and chit more chat haha #teenagers #YOLO #MotherLiaoStillActHip

Yutaki~ =DDD
Me~! Hahaha.
ALL OF ITTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!! This is really foodporn for me omg i am gonna jizz in my pants. I WANT ALL THE WINGS!!!! *grabs the Umadare first* Lolol.
You can get four pieces of these KFC Sauced Wings - Umadare / Yang Yeum at only $4.90!!! =OOO


Wings Rice Bento Set is sold at $6.90 (inclusive of 4 pieces Wings, Rice, Salad and a cup of regular 7Up Lemon Mint!!! Which taste refreshing good with EITHER of the sauced wings!!!
Which side are you on?!?!!
Erm wanted to take out this picture cox it's back-lit. But i'm like "Eh.. But quite chio leh. Okay lah incude" Lolol. Feel good, look good!
*poke* Lolol. My chicken poke is definitely more trendy than Facebook poke. Lolol.
In the middle of a winging situation, the super duper nice people at KFC still have to bring out my favourite KFC CHEESE FRIES *tears of joy* Hahaha! Cannot let people down, that's why i eat it!!! Hahaha #ExcusesExcuses
But omg when i went to eat the wings again on my own, there was crispy-criss-cut fries i wanna dieeeeeee. Sorry normal cheese fries, if criss-cut fries get out of the menu, maybe we can be together forever again T.T Sorry i feel like i am betraying normal cheese fries LOL but this criss cut fries is too good!
Back to the food-tasting session! Me and my lemon mint 7Up! =DDD
Who will be crowned king of the wings? You decide!!! KFC invite all of us to post a picture or video of ourselves on Instagram, after trying the KFC Wings!
With the hashtag #kfcoishii (if you support Umadare) or #kfcmashisoyo (if you support Yang Yeum) in our posts. 15 lucky winners will be chosen from the ‘winning flavour’ to win a $10 KFC voucher each! ^.^
Okay take finish pictures, i go back eat. LOL. Act chio eat is like this.
Really eat is like this hahaha! "Give me give me!"
"Eh just now that one very ugly please retake" LOL. Blogger friends all very critical one lol.
Chubby face don't care. Lol.
Love this shot of Yutaki and i hahah so cute.
Peko chan with Ben, Peishi and Yutaki *hearteyes*
Group shot~!!! =DDD This one smile until so happy becox my Umadare board accidentally block Peishi's face many times hahahaha. Not purposely one, we never 私底下不合 lolol.
KFC Froyo time~!!!!! =DDD Peishi and Ben digging it lol.
 I love love love their froyo. Super affordable and good!!!
Just when you think it's over.. It's not. HAHA. After Froyo, eat the wings again!! And it taste yummy still!!! Even after 1-2 hours! I got dabao back home before, and eat it hours later.. Also still yummy! But of course eat it fresh is best lah!!! Haha.
Omg hahaha look at Peishi lolol. Even better than finger lickin good. She bone-lickin good. Lol.
Omg Ben looks so in love with me. LOLOL. Sorry taken ; ) LOLOL.
Thank you KFC for having me again =D Find nice wall must camho haha.
Coincidental matchy hat-day that day haha. I borrow Miyake's twinsie for one day hahaha.
Took the picture on the left and realise it's unfair to Yutaki cox my face too small lol. That explains the second picture *hearteyes* It was really a good day!!! =DDD


Remeber to join the Instagram Battle of the Wings okay!!!

Post a picture or video of you on Instagram, after trying the KFC Wings! With the hashtag:

#kfcoishii or #kfcmashisoyo in your posts.
15 lucky winners will be chosen from the ‘winning flavour’ to win a $10 KFC voucher each! ^.^

Visit KFC Singapore for more info and they also do delivery =OOO

23 August 2015


There has been a lack of update on my life cox there's just too many changes.

Fact of me being a relatively new mom aside, now MooMoo, Ah Bong and NiaoNiao are staying with us =)

Old time readers would know it's always been a motivation and wish of mine to bring Moomoo back from the dog shelter.. Before Josh and i decided to shift into a bigger place we told Sijie and Bong that Moomoo can come if Ah Bong stays with us. Sijie wasn't with the idea cox she thought Ah Bong's studies would be affected as he will spend all his time with Moomoo.

Now cox Moomoo is sick with very serious cancer.. The vet say he has only about days to a week for his last days.. Our whole family was very sad.. Sijie gave in and agreed to let Ah Bong stay with us, with Moomoo. So it's been a week now. I must say Sijie REALLY knows her son. Lolol! All day long Ah Bong only care about Moomoo!!! Come back home from school, clean Moomoo up, cook for Moomoo, afterwhich he will taje about 1 hour plus, trying all ways to coax Moomoo to take medication and supplement etc.. Then later nua sai with Moomoo until his dinner time, another round of meds, and then he will be done by 11pm or until i nag at him too muvh, then he'd go and shower then sleep.

Next day he'd wake up at 6am to clean Moomoo up and then rush to school before the cycle continues.. So Sijie's worry about Ah Bong staying with Moomoo, was definitely reasonable lol.

But isn't it beautiful..? To see the bond between a young man who have nothing to gain from loving this dog so much.. Doing everything he can for the dog.

I am only sorry cox this "Dream come true" came too late.. Moomoo is really very sick now.. He has cancer mass taking over almost all his liver and it has spread to his kidney.. ='( As he is recovering from surgery for the removal of his spleen, he's not eating well nor mixing well with Tiffany and Drago.

He's only receptive towards some of the Gentle Paw guys who are so kind to visit a few times a week.. Driving Moomoo and NiaoNiao to and fro vet-visits. Getting all sorts of expensive supplement and at the time, help Ah Bong with tuition for his schoolwork. I honestly feel though the situation is not the most pleasant, these kind souls make the world look better..

Next time if i have a dream.. Maybe i gotta work even harder.. Even faster..

Yesterday I was on the phone clearing some quick work doing up captions, while playing with Yurou. And she said

"But you have to help me to play. You cannot just play with your phone you know? You have to put your phone one side.. Okay? I will also put my phone high, up here. And i also don't touch my phone, you also don't touch your phone. You help me put high, there"


I am a horrible adult. I will be better.

There's more to life than meeting deadlines. Deadlines 是死的. 人是活的. Lolol.

Gtg now, baby waking up soon. She's been rotating sooooo much in her sleep now for the past hour she's been using her head to nudge me off the edge. What the heck king sized bed also not enough. I shall bed the whole room lol.

Will update again real soon!

18 August 2015

Curél BB Cream

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Hello! Gonna share an awesome new product from Curél, the Curél BB Cream with you guys!

It is especially suitable and effective for people with sensitive skin!

You guys might not know but Curél is Japan's No. 1 Brand For Sensitive Asian Skin and they work closely with top dermatologists in Japan to create a skincare range specially for sensitive Asian skin and it's endorsed by more than 4,000 dermatologists in Japan =O

As someone with sensitive skin, i am very careful with what i put on my skin especially with makeup products. If i put on something that's too heavy / thick, i'd feel like my skin cannot breathe and my sensitive skin will sometimes break out into redness (especially on my cheeks) after a long day which makes me think thick foundation worsen my sensitive skin condition.

But the good thing is, thick foundation covers up my skin redness, blemishes and little bumps better and that is something that lighter foundation cannot do. But lighter foundation feels better on my skin, at least it feels like i'm allowing my skin to breathe haha.

So you see, the struggle is constant. I find myself always compromising by going light on coverage to make my skin feel better but then i just suck thumb loh, cannot fully conceal the flaws on my skin lol.

That is why Curél BB Cream is my go-to now for days i have makeup on =D No edit on the skin so you can see how good the coverage is!!! Still can see the bumps from the way the sunlight comes in but much much much better than without! Look..
My forehead and cheeks especially problematic!

To give you some details on why the Curél BB Cream is suitable even for people with sensitive skin.

It's a Hypoallergenic Formula specially made to help people with sensitive skin. It's also fragrance free, alcohol free and it's non comedogenic, non chemical formula (without using organic UV absorber). Plus it's been clinically tested on sensitive skin to make sure it works well =) It also promises to smoothen rough patches and cover uneven skin tones commonly experienced by sensitive skin sufferers. So if you're someone with sensitive skin like me, you'd know it's safe to use this cox i used it and it works great for me!

Best of all, Curél BB Cream also strengthen skin barrier function against external irritants with Curel’s penetrating moisture-retaining ceramide care, with continuous use.

No edit. To show you how good exactly the coverage from Curél BB Cream is =OOO You can still see very tiny little bumps on my cheeks even with the BB cream on but it's definitely leaps better!!!

With the Curél BB Cream, not only my flaws are hidden well, it feels quite moisturized =O But without the oily / sticky feeling!! It settles into a smooth and matte finish on my skin. LOVE IT.

No more dry flaky skin T____T I am so happy please, if not sometimes take closer up selfies really can see my skin flaking one T.T

I don't know how something that feels so light can such amazing coverage as a foundation =O

One other thing i LOVE about it is that the light creamy texture is super easy to spread!!! Results are very smooth and even, even when i use my fingers to spread hahaha. Sorry ah if you think it's a little unhygienic but the better makeup artists i've worked with all use fingers to spread the foundation one okay LOL #Excuses but #TrueStory

The Curél BB Cream is available in two tones, Natural and Brightening. I am using the Brightening!
Used it for filming on this day my Bangkok trip cox i tried it a few days before and found it quite lasting. And then i know on that day have to film from morning til 11pm =O This is me at about 11am. Love how the BB Cream looks so natural =D You know how sometimes normal foundation can look very thick and too heavy, not the Curél BB Cream =D
After we're done with a very late dinner at 8.30pm.
Finally got to the night market at 9.30pm through bad traffic jam haha!
When i finally got back to my airbnb room and lazing around playing with the new specs i got for $4+ omg haha. This was already 1am plus dee =OOO Still i think i look good HAHAHA.

Not bad right! Can last all day in the humid weather of Bangkok haha. That's why now i use it for filming even! Cox won't look too washed out + it's gentle enough for my sensitive skin.

But actually the truth is, i love this Curél BB cream cox i can apply by spreading them soooo easily with my fingers HAHAHA. Last time for filming i would take about 1.5 hours to prepare before i can leave house. Believe or not, after becoming a mom, i take only maximum 20 minutes for full makeup to those events where i need to 尊重大会 and 5 minutes for light makeup on those days i need to have makeup on for work HAHA.

Not sure if i'm starting to use good products or cox my self-confidence is getting higher HAHAHA.

Alright, as all products under Kao Japan is so confident about themselves, you may redeem FREE SAMPLES at Curel SG Facebook page

The new Curél BB Cream retails at S$24.80 for a 35g tube and is available in two shades – Natural and Brightening. You may find it at selected Guardian and Watsons stores ^.^

Head over to Curel.com.sg to find out more and don't forget to redeem your FREE Samples on their Facebook Page!

Did a video for Curél BB Cream too =D

Watch it to see the difference the Curel BB Cream makes, no edit, no filter lolol!
Bye Bye!