31 March 2015

My Village

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Hello!!! Hope your new (lunar) year's been good! I spent a lot of time catching up with my family and friends during the festive season. And i must say.. Nothing beats that =D

Family and friends gathering, just having a good meal, talking about everything.. Mostly talking about old memories and at the same time, creating new ones.

Talking about memories.. Perhaps you could ask your ah gong ah ma / parents if they remember the old Paramount Theatres at Serangoon Gardens haha! Looking at this picture make me think that some styles are evergreen. Haha. Anyway this picture was taken at the old Paramount Theatres..
Now known as myVillage. It's a familiar hangout place for not just the residents around that area now but with their distinct direction and concept for the mall, myVillage has attracted people from all over Singapore to pop in every now and then.

I for one visit it several times a year even though it's not near where i stay! And now that Josh and i are looking for a house to shift into, Serangoon Gardens is one of our top picks for location! If i do shift there, i foresee myself popping in every other day if not everyday hahaha!

I imagine it's gonna be very nice and cozy to be shopping at your own pace at myVillage, away from the bustling crowd, that offers a variety of stores for family needs (like FairPrice Finest, Home-Fix and Bedroom Affairs etc) and personal shopping choices (Allscript, U-design and Twobros Lifestyle Gadgets and more) where you can find gifts not just for the people around you but for yourself too! ^.^

Quite hard to imagine hor! Now the mall has all these.. When back then it was just a simple cozy place for friends and family to hangout. Where even friendships and relationships are built. Haha.

I heard from many ah gong ah ma used to pator there when they were younger wor ^.^ HAHAH. Go there for movie night all =)))

Paramount Theatres in earlier days since it was built in the 1950s.
More nostalgic pictures i found online taken back then at Paramount Theatres.

Transformed from the old Paramount Theatre to a modern mall now, myVillage takes great effort in preserving the precious and intangible concept close to what-was, a hangout where great friendships are built, and new memories are created.

While our grandparents may remember the spot where myVillage now lies as Paramount Theatre, others may reminisce about the old Serangoon Garden Village. Regardless of its name and appearance, myVillage is still a space where quality time is spent with those who matter.

Happy to head there for a day of relaxation and pampering with Josh!

After a good'o toast and milo breakfast at the basement of myVillage, i head for some hand and leg massage and manicure session at Beyond Beauty! They offer facial and spa massages as well!
Foot bath *heart eyes* before my leg massage!
Soaking my hand to prepare them for a simple express manicure session!
But before that.. The highlight: MASSAGE! A nice hand massage~!!! Quite a waste i couldn't go try out their spa! =O But nevermind, there's always a next time!
And i leave with a simple nail-do!
Thank you ladies from Beyond Beauty! That's Juliet in the middle as well! She was there for spa massage before we go for some shopping! =D For more beauty and pampering treats you could also check out Chen Kang Foot Reflexology or Nail Addict for professional manicure session!
Shopping time~!!! =DDD SUPER HAPPY TO CHECK OUT U-Design!!! They're newly opened and they bring in lotsa unique accessories and fashion pieces handpicked from overseas!
Each design is only available in limited quantity, some only come in ONE. Most of the rest comes in 2 - 3 pieces =OOO
Me and Juliet checking out the accessories! There were really a lot of very unique ones we couldn't decide which to pick!!! Haha. Look at the drawer after drawer display case of the accessories!!! You can find anything from bangles to bracelets to necklaces to watches, bags and shoes!
For the ones who are into intricate designs..
So i got this necklace with a myriad of pastel colours!
And this too!!! Lolol. I really cannot resist colourful floral designs V^.^V And a few more designs. Will share them on my instagram when i wear them!
Paying and thought i should show you the very nice brother-sister team behind U-Design =D

I will definitely head back to get more accessories!!! At such affordable prices you get to own pieces that is handpicked from overseas (mostly Korea!) and when you look around you'd find that the huge variety of styles they carry offers something for everyone's different preferences!

U-Design is offering my readers 10% off total bill when you like their facebook page and quote my name during purchase ^.^ Promotion valid till the end of April 2015! Enjoy shopping!

After shopping everyone's a little hungry haha! So we head for some noms!

There were a couple of choices like quaint cafes Little Wimbly Lu (I wanted to try this cox heard a lot of raves about it but it wasn't operating time for them yet when i was there T.T) and Relish Gardens! You'd find these two cafes perfect for nice conversations with your loved ones and friends.

There's also the iSteak and Crust Pizzas where one can expect to find affordable Western/ American food! iSteak would be great for family casual dining!!!

Singaporeans often bond over makan (meals) haha so i'm happy that dining is a huge feature at myVillage! There's also many other restaurants and eatery within the malls!

We choose to settle with Korean fried chicken at Yogiyo!!! Yogiyo is brought in by a Koreans!
Korean fried chicken / ramyeon / fries and beer for you and your friends?! =DDD
Yogiyo is rather popular in Korea! And now you can have it at myVillage!!! Out of these four choices, my favourite has to be the sweet soy!! =D Do try it when you're around the area!
Me and Juliet! Spot the plasticy thing on her fingers?!
It's our finger gloves to prevent our fingers from getting dirty haha! So considerate hor!
Udders for ice cream after food~!!! =DDD Had the honor to meet the bosslady of Udders! She is extremely friendly and so passionate and proud of all her "babies"! Haha by that i mean the unique flavours of ice cream creations at Udders!! =D And she should be!!!! I am very awed by the taste =O
The two most unique flavours!!! Mari Kita (Red velvet, cream cheese and brownies!!! =O) and Nian Gao (Coconut ice cream with caramelised sticky rice cakes)!!! I LOVE NIAN GAO!!!!! And you get chunks of it inside this flavour!!! =DDD
More awesome flavours. All of them offers such a punch to your tastebuds O.O Like really, when i tried the Bailey's and Bourbon ice cream.. My neck and chest felt like it was burning O.O HAHA. I would have loveeeee it on usual days but since i pregger =X I had to make myself stop lol.
Instead i finished the whole Mao Shan Wang durian one~!!!! Lotsa durian is used you can taste one!
Tiramisu and Rum and Raisin! BE WARNED, this one also quite solid hahaha. Kids below 18 cannot ah! Lol.
See, i pregger also cannot! 你们要乖乖 lol! But pose for picture can! I love how their ice cream are all not too milky. I HATE milky ice cream! Like smooth and creamy is good! But if there's a strong milk taste i cannot! Udders one is more like heavy on the taste of the flavour itself, not the milk!
Omg after the sampling pregger monster me still went for a full size cup of horlick ice cream =XXX IT IS TOO YUMMY!!!
And that marks the end of my pampering day at myVillage until the next time i head back!!!

Which i assume will be pretty soon becox i wanna check out more new-arrival accessories from U-Design!!! And also to satisfy my authentic Korean fried chicken craving haha!

So the next time you wanna go have a relaxed and pampering day out with your girlfriend / boyfriend, friends and family.. Perhaps you could pop by myVillage to create your own fond memories there ^.^

And while you're there, remember to.. EAT. Eat your hearts out!!! Snack, main meal, dessert and more dessert! Haha! What?! Cafe-hop never hear before? Haha!

Love it that myVillage has all these comfy and cozy shops and services to bring people closer together. Sometimes they do screening of family-friendly movies at the rooftop as well. I hope i can join in one of those days with my own little family of three =)))

For more info, you could hop over to myVillage website.


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That jewelry is very cute! -Hanna Lei

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may i ask, you know that oldie photo... who is the one in the middle? a friend of your relative?