29 November 2014


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Omg!!! I am sorry for the caps-ing but i am just sooooo excited lah!!!

You see. My face when i shop at Bugis Street. LOL. What the heck lah seriously. $11 only for super duper chio shoes!!! You know those sneaker wedges?!!? Also $11 at Bugis Street!!!

Please don't ask me where though!!! T.T Not i don't want to tell you but i can only tell you Bugis Street!!! AND HELLO EXCUSE ME DID YOU SEE THE 2 FOR $10 SNEAKERS?!

Bugis Street is awesome like this. But everytime someone ask me where i got this, where i bought that in Bugis Street.. I don't know how to tell you!!! Unless it's a very prominent shop or something!

So now that they are slowing letting their vendors move onto this online platform.. We can all enjoy the benefits of being able to shop at the ease of our.. Home or mobile even =DDD

You all should know like i bought most of my clothes from Bugis Street right. Bugis Street basically travelled the world with me hahaha.

I even blogged about the things i bought from Bugis Street before my trip. Lol.
To Hong Kong last year for Disneyland =)))) Pinafore and top both from Bugis Street!!!
To Japan recently!!! Top, cardi and skirt all from Bugis Street!!!

Made a shopping trip to Bugis Street to buy my Spring getups the other day!
Bugis Street has plenty good stuff for mens too!!! At very affordable prices! And yes you can expect to see them online too!!! ^.^ They are gonna add more and more vendors and items gradually!
Cool watches for just $5 or 3 FOR $10 can you believe it.
Just another corner i'd always go check out for $5 - $15 items haha.
LUCKY FOR EVERYONE OF US FROM NOW ON!!! Bugis Street Online shop opens and you can find your fashion and style items there!!!

Don't get me wrong ah, Bugis Street itself is still plenty cool but now we are offered ANOTHER COOL channel to shop online!!! =DDD And that is BUGISSTREET.COM.SG! =D

Imagine you can skip the travelling and crowd and filter down to the exact item you want!!!

Imagine if you're just looking for a white pair of shorts.. And you want to get it at an affordable price.. Now wouldn't you wanna check out Bugis Street online first?! Don't need to travel all the way down to find something so default!
Imagine little piles like this on lehlong (sale), being put online for you!!!
I bought this top for $5 at that very pile on the floor. Hahaha. Bugis Street is awesome omg.
Second floor of Bugis Street!
This shop!!! Has a few racks of $5 clothes!!!
Where i got this cute top along with many other new items i haven't wear! =DDD

So i know you're in love with Bugis Street as i am!!! Now show some love for BUGISSTREET.COM.SG!!!

This is awesome. But it's not always open.
THIS. BUGISSTREET.COM.SG IS OPEN 24/7!!! Wherever you are!

 And the good news for you and me is..

All items on bugisstreet.com.sg to be sold are $19 and below plus exclusive online deals are sold cheaper than at the physical store!!!

They say $19 and below.. But i see SOOOOO MANY $12.90 only ones!!! =OOO

So you have have have to check them out!!! There are plenty more new designs updated regularly! But these are some of the items i manage to screenshot for you girls!

Dresses, rompers..
Tops, hoodies, cardi.. Anything you wanna find! Go browse the site for yourself!!! They will add more and more vendors along the way so keep a lookout!!!
During checkout, you will see this coupon code.. It's great for if you wanna get gift card for your friends birthday or any special event! Could be to celebrate her first job, she needs new shoes / clothes! Then a gift card would be great! For her to use it you'd have to purchase it first.

And you can do it by going to "Gift Card" it's at the bottom left of the page! And then purchase the value you like and insert details as seen.. And you're done! Your friend will receive an email with unique code to use for her purchase during checkout!!! ^.^ What a pleasant surprise that would be!!!

For those who shop at Bugis Street a lot, there's something you should know!!! Bugisstreet.com.sg has a category of products that are sold cheaper online than the physical stores! Check out the Special Deal category!

So go shopping quick!!! Show your support cox this is a long term project!!! It's not easy to bring the vendors online one by one lor! They sell soooooo many things and the fashion trends changes so fast so i am super happy Bugis Street is doing this still!!!

Give us another great option to shop online!!! I hope they quickly update their sale section!!! Haha! I confirm go crazy one!!! ^.^

24 November 2014

Cleo Hairmake SS2015


You all saw it on my instagram already lah. I am back to blue hair. Sort of.

Half blue! Anyway before i put up some super self-obsessed camho pics.. Just wanna let you girls know that Cleo Hair & Make is looking for hair models for their Spring/Summer 2015 hairbook.

So if you wanna do some makeover to your hair, good news is everything will be taken care of. From cutting, to styling, to treatment and colour etc to prepare your hair for the photoshoot.

If you're keen please email cleohairsg@gmail.com with details and photo(s) of yourself!

Just a gentle reminder that if you join you should be receptive to possible hair makeover be it in style or colour! Hope you understand =D

❤ ❤ ❤ Cleo Hairmake ❤ ❤ ❤
Central @ Clarke Quay Level 4
Tel: 6338 5250

Did my hair at Cleo Hairmake the other day!!! Thanks to Sio for the new hair colour! I really really love the Honey ash brown on my crown!!! And of course the Blueberry ash at the bottom!
When i tie my hair up it looks instantly less outrageous but still pretty haha!
Okay might have over photoshopped my face here but the original one was already quite distorted cox my selfie camera suck. The lens suck. So i'm actually really waiting for Pentax to come out with flip screen omg.. Their lesn is by far the best i've tried T.T But no flip screen damn hard. I mostly use it to shoot every other thing, except myself. Haha.
Okay this one more true to real life hahaha.
New profile picture maybe.

Seriously i hardly ever can look chio these days except on days after visiting Cleo =X

So if you're keen to be part of the Cleo SS 2015 hairbook, you can be rest assured you will end up looking pretty okay hahaha. So you can leave your hair in their hands =)

Very excited to meet all of the models for the photoshoot! Haha! I'm sure the other bloggers at Cleo feel the same. We had so much fun the last photoshoot for Autumn/Winter 2014.

Good luck! Hope you get chosen!!! Cox i don't know about you.. But Spring Summer is the chioest cox it's all floral and colours and fun!!! ^.^

Bai bai! ^.^

❤ ❤ ❤ Cleo Hairmake ❤ ❤ ❤
Central @ Clarke Quay Level 4
Tel: 6338 5250

21 November 2014

Ladies, have you found THE one?

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Hello hello! In case you're wondering about the title of this blogpost.. I'm talking about THE one.

The one that makes you feel better on your worst days of the month..

The one that understands your needs and takes good care of them..

The one that allows you to do the things you want, freely and comfortably..

THE ONE AND ONLY.. Pad.. That does all that for you and more. Hahaha.

We all know how important it is to use the suitable sanitary napkin during our period. So that we can feel comfy, SECURED (the fear of leakage and stain that i used to have yearsss ago before i started using Laurier, was one of the most annoying feeling of insecurity) and empowered to continue doing what we're good at, and carry on with activities that make us feel good. For example sports, be out and about shopping, hanging out with friends, dressing up etc!

Me on a day i need to dress up for filming ^.^ I was having my period (second day, my heaviest flow day) but that didn't stop me from wearing a white skirt! Thanks to Laurier Super Slimguard!
Filming something else on the third day of my menses. 
Meeting and discussion.. Tired but still going strong!!!
Late lunch break for everyone and i'm still doing fine! Hahaha!
Serious work face going on. Lol.

What i'm saying is.. With Laurier i feel so comfy and fine thanks to its 1mm ultra absorbent sheet! It is so thin that i’m free to wear whatever that I want even on during my period!

Tight pants or skirt, white dresses perhaps? No problem! The pad is so thin i can dress up without any fear of visible pad lines. Work, play, anything! It doesn't affect me a single bit! ^.^

Omg can't believe this was just me in mid June. Hahaha. Baby still haven't conceived yet LOL.
Baby you see! Last time your mummy is pretty one lor haha! Even on a heavy flow day! HAHA!

Talking about good pad.. I never once look back ever since i started using Laurier Super Slimguard.

I mean i do get flash back of how horrible my experience with bad pads are whenever i discuss about pads with other ladies but then most of the time i judge them if they are not using Laurier O.O

No joke wor. The other day when my sisters and i was at Ang Mo Kio, she was doing her usual bath and hygiene products shopping at some supermarket. And then she was doing a major haul of pads LOL. I saw her put Laurier Super Slimguard in her basket so i was happy right. So i told her

"Eh 我还没有怀孕的时候也是用这个牌的嘞!!! 很好 hor!!!"
(I use this brand all the time before i got pregnant! It's good hor!!)

She agreed and then continued browsing. And then reach for another brand to browse. I was like "OMG THIS IS SOOOOO LOUSY?!?!?! THE STUPID NET ALWAYS TEAR ONE WHY YOU LOOK AT THIS!!! Hen erxin de leh!!! Then the feeling at the private part siap siap one cox of the net!!! Then if you wanna wear the pad back after you pee or what, the feeling is like wet wet cold cold one?!?!!"

She told me she knows the net always break and the cotton and particles that was trapped underneath the net will get messy and stick to the skin if the net breaks (which is highly likely) =____= So i was like "THEN?!?!?! YOU STLL WANT BUY?!"

She was like "Cheap ma. And then always got buy one get one free"

WHAT. THE. HECK. Buy for what then?!?! To clean the windows?!?! Or to mop the floor?! Cox that kind of thing is definitely not getting in contact with my private part O.O

CANNOT TAHAN. I forbid her from buying *rage*

We girls know better what are some of the downs we face when having our periods.

As if bloatedness, moodiness, cramps and pimple outbreak is not enough..

We have to deal with lousy pads?! NO THANKS. Really no thanks. I've had my fair share of dealing with lousy pads when i was a poor student lolol and i don't even think poor students deserve to use lousy pads. It's massive horrible. Imagine you leak when in class / lecture hall =OOO

Actually lousy pads are just not for anyone lah. Even at work. If you stain your clothes.. The stain stick with you for the entire period you serve in the company cox everyone remembers =OOO

So for this i speak strongly for good pads. And for me i only pay for Laurier or nothing. The last time i had to pay for lousy pad at a convenience store (due to emergency T.T) i was so angry the whole day. And i'm pretty sure most of you are already using the best from Laurier!

But for those who have yet to discover the wonder and difference of how a good pad can make you feel better during your menses.. You have to see this for yourself.

I did a series call “Be Empowered by Laurier” with Peishi and Rachell and in it we went through a few fun challenges to aid you in finding THE PAD!

Watch the series HERE!!!

Early in the morning.. Before the stores even open. Haha! Us doing the opening for the series ^.^ So nice to work with friends!!! Everything is so fun and easy! =D
Peishi say what?  = o Hahaha!
Okay lah at least this picture she look chio haha. What the heck no heels for me.
ReelityTV crew doing their thang~

And the first episode is.. BFF Challenge to see if our other half / BFF can find THE PAD for us!
Hahaha Josh probably looking at the shelves going "???" Haha!
Other special guests include Clinton (Peishi's male BFF, brother) and Randy (as Rachell's BFF).

Here's a good gauge to how the dudes in our lives (significant half, brother, bestfriend etc!) understand what we REALLY NEED during our menses!

So girls, get the guys to watch this ep also! Good to know cox.. PMS-y girls are already hard to deal with.. I can't imagine them having to handle PMS-y girls using lousy pads hahahah.

Rach and i putting the pads chosen by the guys to test!
Everything is done fair and square! Rach and i taking it very seriously ensuring the tests are fair.
Find out the results on Ep 1 BFF Challenge of Be Empowered by Laurier which team manage to find THE PAD that has the most comfortable surface, slimmest and high absorbency!
And on the 2nd Episode we do the The BOX Challenge to see who can fit the most number of pads into the DIY box we made! Thing is we all have boxes of the same size.. So now it's down to who has the slimmest pads hahaha! Watch how me and Rach prank Peishi! Hahah! LOVE IT! =D

And in the final ep the loser team has to do forfeit!! WOOHOO~!!! Haha! And everyone gathers to do a massive giveaway courtesy of Laurier!!!

Win the DIY box made by me, filled with 6 months’ worth of my favourite Laurier Super Slimguard napkins and little treats like chocolate cookies, chamomile tea, a heat pack, sanitary pouch to make your period more comfy! I call it the Laurier Period Care Pack! ^.^

All you gotta do is to like and share my Facebook post HERE!

So my conclusion is.. Laurier understands that we can't change periods, but we can change the way you feel about them. And you do it with the best you can find!
You have to try it. And if you've tried it.. You cannot use anything else after this, without feeling disappointed. This is the best you can offer yourself during those days of the month!

It’s the Laurier Super Slimguard and its 1mm ultra absorbent sheet absorbs fluid 2x faster with its suction like power that absorbs fluid almost instantly!!! And you won't feel it even with pressure thanks to the Quick-Lock system!

You'd also feel 5x drier with 80% of fluid reduced on the innovative cottony Quick Dry Mesh Surface that seals it within the centre core. So NO stuffy, yicky uncomfortable feeling!!!

Best part? Cox it's sooooo thin (1mm only!) you can feel free to wear whatever you want without fearing of leakage!! Tight fitting white pants? No problem! Pencil skirt that hugs you to the flesh? OKAY! Heavy or light days, you’ll feel like it’s barely there!

Join LaurierSG on Facebook to keep yourself updated on Laurier’s latest promotions and happenings! Also find tips on how to stay active and motivated during those days =D

If you're one of those who are always forgetful.. Or you would appreciate a gentle reminder.. Download the free Laurier Period Tracker mobile app (It's call the P*Log!) so that you will not be caught in situation where you have no pads or equally bad if you have NO pads, have to go buy, but have to deal with lousy substandard pads =X

Simply search “Laurier Period Log” in the app store! It's available for both iPhone and Android users.

We ought to have the best for having to go through period. Haha. Agree?! So hi-five if you are already using the best! I'm sure you will feel empowered and it will be life-changing for those days you have to go through in the month.. Now nothing can stop you! ^.^

You may also visit laurier.com.sg/1mmsample to redeem your free Laurier Super Slimguard 25cm sample pack!!! =DDD