31 January 2014

Chinese New Year Eve

YO YO WAH JARP?! Lolol. You'd know what this means if you follow me on instagram. It's Yurou's lao-hong pronunciation of "Yo yo, what's up?" Lol.

It's Chinese New Year!!! I just wanna wish everyone who reads my blog, a very very blessed and lucky new year!!! I wish you all mai ma piao, zhong ma piao, mai toto, zhong toto. Hahaha.

Which is quite impossible cox if 8000 - 10000 of you all kena 4D / toto, Singapore Pools will have to run naked. Lolol. But i do wish all of you good health and positive mindset =)))

I have a good feeling about horse year =D I think that's half way to success already! Haha.

Here's some pictures i snapped with my camera! =DDD I try to bring my camera out as much as possible to snap pictures for the blog ^.^ But if you want random short updates you can of course follow me on instagram / Dayre (@qiuqiu)

Here's me and my family on a simple Chinese New Year eve =)))

Yurou giving me a kisskiss ^.^ She super loveeee to pose now. You just tell her what pose you want. She'd try her best hahaha. Angry, sad, happy, kiss kiss. Anything lah.
SHE LOVESS ANY CAMERA. Will keep telling you, "Lai, wo men lai pai zhao okay?" Lol.
If you're wondering why she's always doing this pose, it's becox this is her default "SMILE~" pose. Hahaha. Maybe she think very cute and chio. Hahaha.
My dad made bird's nest for us all ^.^V Becox i say "Papa, last year you got make bird's nest for everyone hor. Don't know this year still have or not hor...?" Lolol. Hinting obvious much?
Most people do steambboat on CNYE. We'd do that tomorrow on CNY day 1 onwards. But my dad and brother-in-law made all these =D
Me and my 3rd sister ^.^
My dad and i ^.^
And one more~
Me, ah Pearl and Niao Niao =DDD So annoying, CNYE show what cleavage. SHOW OFF!!!
You say, is it i most chio? Lolol.
My 2nd sister haven't come so we camho-ed without her. Lol.

More pictures soon if i bother to put on makeup the next few days of Chinese New Year ^.^

I am sooooo excited cox i've planned activities for my family and i.

A bit sad cox i didn't really get to shop at Chinatown this year =( I did shop for Budget Barbie at Chinatown but it's work so i didn't shop for myself. Only manage to get a cheongsum for Yurou hahaha. She'd look so cheena biang in it ^.^V

Also, a quick update about my back issue IN CASE you guys are worried about me haha.

I'd be going for my first physiotherapy session on 3rd Feb 8am T_T 8am. 8am. 8am. 8am.

Wo hao xiang si. Lolol. And the appointment to see the bone and spine doctor is on 19th Feb. I am so so so thankful my friend helped me get this appointment so fast!!! Also thank you guys for all the advice and suggestions to help my back pain =))) You guys are AWESOME!

Okay lah, GONG XI FA CAI!!!

I am super looking forward to spending time with my family and friends =)) You have a good time too okay!!! =DDD I'd update again real soon!

28 January 2014


Sponsored Post

Me and Mich having lotsa fun at the beautiful photowall at Her Velvet Vase Spring-themed Sale!

Very very happy to be invited cox OMG there were soooooo many good stuff to kio and it was all so neatly organised it feels like a giant walk-in wardrobe of every girl's dream.

There were lotsa shoes, bags and plenty plenty lotsa clothes!!!!!!!

Jackets, dresses, tops, bottoms, rompers for all occasion. Holy god i had identity issues when i was shopping. I WANT EVERYTHING! Okay, minus the things that are too sexy for me O.O

Really a lot lor!!! Sexy and cute omg, all the floral bustiers and all =( Wo dou bu ke yi chuan =(

Okay enough pouting! Lol despite going at the later part of the sale (it was i think 11am - 5pm) at 2pm, there were still SOOOOO MUCH good pretty stuff with all the sizes available =O

I can't imagine the crowd they had earlier. And the amount of clothes they arranged for their customers going for the sale!!!!!! Confirm a lot lah! You see the crowd at 3pm ish.

Still so packed with people shopping and people queuing. But thankfully it's all very systematic and organised!!! It's amazing how far they've come, the two sister-team ladybosses!!!
Mich and i with Mag and Clare! Clare is beside me and Mag on the far right. Haha but i say Mag and Clare cox it kinda sounds better than Clare and Mag lol. BOTH OF THEM ARE SO SWEET AND FRIENDLY AND NICE OMG.

Not sure if you've heard their success story but being one of the top online boutiques in Singapore, Mag and Clare have made Hervelvetvase into a million dollar business as reported =OOO

And if you read the article about them and Hervelvetvase in the news.. You'd be impressed too. And motivated. And inspired. And think they confirm very intimidating lolol.

But what the heck.. When i see them, both are so nice to everyone, their staff, their helpers, their customers who went for the sale.. And did all the running around and helping out etc. Totally no airs. And were so thoughtful to prepare goodie bags for Mich also!!!

My BFF very ke lian one please, always get dragged to event with me as my plus-one becox i have phobia about working at crowded places alone hahaha. I mean, why do you think i am a blogger wo stay behind a computer screen, talking, a lot......?

So yeah lah, everytime she goes with me but like 8 out of 10 times she doesn't get goodie bag =XXX

This time i didn't bother to inform HVV people that she's going with me but when they see her, Mag and Clare quickly went to prepare her set of goodies T.T And it's A LOT of goodies deheck.

THANK YOU BOTH for the hospitality that day!!! ^.^

Racks after racks of clothes to go through!!! And i finally made my pick!!! =DDD All very colourful and shiny things as i loveee ^.^ Wanna know what Mich picked?!
=_________=" Feeling blue? Siao one this woman. Lolol. Blue after blue after blue. Wo zhi dao ni love wo! Ye don't need to show it like this!
Okay finally done our shopping!!! It means MORE PICTURE-TAKING time!!!
Kinda love my makeup that day~ Using all the new Laneige makeup ^.^ Especially my lip colour~
And for the clothes and goodie bags of course hahaha!
HVV invited benefit cosmetics to the Spring-themed Sale!!! Thank you benefit for the goodies!!! ^.^ Always love their packaging! So fun and unique!!!
philosophy was also there!!! Thank you for the awesome goodies!!!!! I am trying "hope in a jar" and "total matteness" now and i quite like them! ^.^
And thank you GET BAKED for the yummy cuppies!!!
And cute cake pops ^.^
While the rest get back to attend the crowd.. Me and Mich continue to camho hahaha.
I told her after this picture "Oh my god. It looks like i am taking picture with three balloons. Why is your face so big?" Lololol. I don't think i'd have a plus-one anymore, ever.

Here's the latest collection from hervelvetvase!!! It's not too late to stock up new clothes for Chinese New Year visiting and after!!! Heck, IT'S ALWAYS TIME FOR NEW CLOTHES!!! ^.^

And becox the sisters were so lovable i decided to head outdoors (i hate outdoor) (i also hate the sun) (i also hate waking up in the morning) (I also hate to change outdoor becox i have this talent, that is to change from one outfit to another without having to expose body parts i shouldn't, given enough time. But i can't do it even if i CAN do it becox people will think i am a crazy contortionist doing public stunts so i have no choice but to change in public toilet of which, most of the time smells like poop especially if you're at Central level one toilet, yup i was there and yup, it smells like poop all the 4 times i changed in there) to snap better pictures to showcase the items i got from the sale!!! ^.^


Went to Blisshouse at Clark Quay CENTRAL level 3.
UH HUH~~~~ LOVE THIS FLORAL SHIRT!!!!!! I am going to whore it out all the time like all my other favourite shirt. It can be worn on its own or with something inside!

Material is comfy and awesome also! Just like all the other pieces you'd see from HVV! They are all of great quality!!!

And this blue sequined top!!!!! I LOVE THE CUTTING SO MUCH!!! Make me look like i have super slim waist and nice perky ass O.O Hahah.
Not to mention how glam-up it is!!!

My favourite set of pictures!!! In a very very comfy and sweet girly piece from hervelvetvase!!!

This dress is perfect for a sweet date or a casual picnic or just any other day you feel like acting chio cox really, when i walk in this the fabric flows in a way.. It makes you feel chio like mtv female lead hahahaha. Hey hey, true story cox i'm sharing with you my true-feelings okay.

Like omg was Lena Fujii in Singapore sitting by the river at Clark Quay? No! It was me, silly! Lololol. Mich always ask me to go and die when i try to "silly!" her hahahaha. It's okay, you can ask me to go and die too! I can accept that.
Stylish studded jacket i got from the sale! What the heck there were sooooo many jackets there i would have grabbed them all.

As again, I LOVE THE FITTING!!! Super slim fit cut!!! Brings out the feminiity in a ladies' power-suit look! I mean, it doesn't look like i have some boobs here lol. Or it's the cups o.O

I specially picked this (even though red is really not my colour haha) to get you in the CNY shopping mood! Hahaha. In it yet?

"Yeah hi wall, it's been a while! How have you been?! How's your family? Wall? Attitude~" Lol.
Okay lah! I leave you to go shopping for your CNY outfits! You'd love the pieces! So much to choose from on their online-boutique! ^.^ And they are all picked and manufactured by the sister-duo!

Thank you again Mag and Clare for the invite and for being so lovely =))) Continue to grow your business into i don't know, billion dollar fashion business??? =DDD


Hervelvetvase ships overseas too! So FEEL FREE TO GO CRAZY SHOPPING~!!!!!

Shop on hervelvetvase.com NOW!
Find hervelvetvase on instagram @hervelvetvase