31 August 2012


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Cathay Cineleisure Orchard is bringing you an EXCITING event, yet again!!!

If you're wondering what ABCD means, it's the All-Babes Cineleisure Dance battle!!!

It's the first dance competition organised locally to promote and to give recognition to ladies' showmanship and abilities within a variety of dances!

Actually, when i think about "Dancers" all i think about are confident ladies shaking off heat and looking sexy. So all the more they deserved some credits!!!

So ABCD is just the platform for all ladies who have a keen passion for dancing, to battle it out!!!

Born, bred and back for the second year at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, the All-Babes Cineleisure Dance Battle is set to see what the ladies' got to show!

So do look out for the dates cox it will be filled with non-stop heart-thumping action as the All Babes Teams and Soloists dance-off to prizes worth more than $30,000 and the grand titles of this year’s All-Babes Cineleisure Dance Battle Champions.

What the..!!! Cineleisure always offers the best kind of prizes!!!

Here's a list of the prizes

= * = *  = * =  * =  * =  * =  * =  * = *

Group Category

Champion $6000 CASH + 4 sessions workshops with the judges

1st Runner-up $3000 CASH + 2 sessions workshops with the judges

2nd Runner-up $1500 CASH + 1 sessions workshops with the judges

So everyone gets an Olympus camera!!!!!! Very generous!!!

Solo Category

Champion $1000 CASH + 4 sessions workshops with the judges

1st Runner-up $500 CASH + 2 sessions workshops with the judges

PLUS Each finalist gets an OLYMPUS PEN Camera too!!!!!

= * = *  = * =  * =  * =  * =  * =  * = *

So much money and good stuff to be won O.O And who decides who wins them?! The judges yes.

A good competition has to be judged by relevant personalities with good credentials in that aspect. And the judges for ABCD, is just fine and perfect for this!

Andre Fuentes
(From the USA)
Andre has been in the business for over ten years. Andre runs workshops throughout LA and other parts of the world, continually inspiring those around him.

He has had a hand in TV and Film such as "The Birdcage", "The Longest Yard" and "Kids Incorporated" just to name a few.

Andre is also Britney Spears' mentor and has been her dancer and choreographer for nearly a decade, just recently he won the Australian MTV music video awards, for Britney Spears 'Circus' as the 'Best Choreographer'.

HOLLY MOLLY. He works with Britney Spears'!!!!!!!! So if he picks you to win this competition, it means you dance as good as Britney, is that right? Lololol. OMG if you get to know him, that means you have a common friend with Britney Spears. NISE.

- - - - - - -

Meredith Kerr
(From the USA)
Meredith was born and raised in Reno, Nevada and began dancing and competing at a young age.

She received numerous scholarship awards and furthered her education with a move to Los Angeles at the age of 17. She danced in the MTV Video Music Awards, went on tour with Marcus Houston and Omarion and was teaching for Dance2Xs all over the globe.

Meredith later moved to Las Vegas for Toni Braxton. While performing with the R&B star she also danced for the Pussycat Dolls Las Vegas as a soloist.

She then performed in, "Le Reve", the water show at Wynn Las Vegas choreographed and directed by Franco Dragone. Currently you can see Meredith in Cirque du Soleil's the Beatles" LOVE.

She is a versatile dancer having been trained in Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical, Contemporary, Hip Hop Adagio and Ballroom.

She danced for PUSSYCAT DOLLS. Nuff' said. Lolol. I mean seriously, that's huge!!!!

- - - - - - - - -

Guest judge:
Kelly Manning
Kelly Manning, originally from Australia, trained at the Queensland Dance School of Excellence and Dance World 301 attaining a diploma in Dance.

She trained at some of the most recognised studios including Millennium Dance Complex and The Edge Performing Arts Center. Kelly has performed live on stage with Naughty by Nature, Shakaya, Ricki- Lee, Slinky minx, Inaya Day, Tina Cousins, Vandalism and Armin Van Buren.

Over the years, Kelly has extensively choreographed for corporate events and performances across the world including the ‘Crusty Babes’ well renowned Crusty Demons Cap City Tour and travelled through Malaysia for the World and Euro Cup football, both as a dancer and choreographer.

Moving her career over to Europe, Kelly became a member of Kinisi Dance Company and a resident teacher at Dance Works, London. Very impressive!

- - - - - - - -

This year, Judges Andre Fuentes and Meredith Kerr as well as Guest Judge Kelly Manning will be present not only to crown the winners, but also to show off a few moves of their own!!!

I WANNA SEE!!! It's almost like watching a free part of a concert show haha. Yeah, i know a concert is where people sing. But most of the time a show won't be complete without dancers!!!

When i look at a performance, i sometimes notice the dancers around the singer or behind the singers and i am VERY impressed that most of the time, they dance with much more passion and energy and force than the singer lolol. Fair enough though, that's why the singer is a singer and the dancer is a dancer.

And also ah, sometimes when i look at the dancer's face, actually they quite chio one leh!!!! Haha. And then it makes me think, WHY are they not the star!!! And that if i am also chio, and if i can dance the steps better, i wanna be standing in the centre lah!!! I don't wanna be dancing at the back!

But i guess this is why they are call professional dancers!!!

They dance for passion and love for the moves and grooves. And to make the whole show more action-packed and phenomenal. And i think for that, these ladies deserves lotsa credit!

If you're thinking of joining the competition already, you might wanna look at pictures of past year's ABCD here. See for yourself some of the best moves and prepare yourself on what to expect!

Last year’s winners, The FOS (Crew) and Enitya Rosalina (Solo) walked home with cash prizes, a brand new camera as well as the titles of All-Babes Cineleisure Dance (ABCD) Battle 2011 Champions!


Yes please do watch that video link if you're keen in taking part so you can see who danced what last year, and look out for what the champions danced =X Lolol. So you can have a better idea of what the judges are looking for, to prepare yourself for this year ABCD, right!!!

I know you think they all danced really well. But that's ABCD in 2011 thou.

This year, your strongest competitors will be......

If you can beat this standard, then i think you're good to join O.O

LOLOL. Yeah lah, that's me dancing omg. Don't laugh hor, for all you know Andre might appreciate it if he ever sees it and ask me to dance backup for Britney Spears. Lolol.

Just kidding, neither me nor my friends are taking part. Lolol. Thou even if we do, we pose no threat HAHA. Lolol.

So if you're keen to participate, gear up yourself for the Solo category, or gather your friend(s) to join the group category with you! ^.^

Registration and auditions is happening this 22nd September! Finals is on 6th October!

Sign up now now now if you have the groove!!!

RSVP on ABCD facebook HERE.

Pssss, RSVP is good. You can see who is RSVP-ing too and spy on them =X Lolol.

There is a Chinese saying, 知己知彼, 百战百胜. Know your enemies as well as you know yourself, and you will win every battle! LOLOL. Okay i might be over-thinking a bit here but i also hope you win what!!! I mean the CASH PRIZES are really attractive!!!

Total of $30,000 CASH and prizes leh!

Good luck!!! Go get groovy, ladies!!!

29 August 2012

Jipaban - DAILY UPDATE for your shopping pleasure!

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If you have been following me on instagram, you'd know i have new clothes to wear almost every other day =X Lolol. Thanks to Jipaban mainly, as you can see i always credit them!

One of the last few outfits i wore. Bag and shorts from Jipaban.

They are the ones who keep sending me new clothes and spoiling me lol ^.^ To a point i only wear my clothes and appear in pictures once or twice max for each outfit. I mean i still wear them, but i just don't take pictures with them more than twice. Okay except the shorts Wendy gave me =X Lolol. I TRY not to repeat my clothes.

Even when i have so much clothes, i still complain about having no clothes to wear sometimes. It's a girl thing. I am confident many of you (especially girls) face the same problem.

So sometimes, we just HAVE to shop. It's not even like a choice. It's like.. Boh bian.

And Jipaban is offering something VERY exciting for shopaholics like you and me!!!


Yes, DAILY, at 12pm, there will be new items put up for you to satisfy your shopping craving on Jipaban!

Every week, from Monday to Thursday, a collection is launched from their various brands:

Get a good head start for the week on Monday and beat the Monday blues with maryjulian. maryjulian by Jade Seah carries clothes that every girl can fall in love with, that are of superb quality and fitting! I did a post on it before and i am still keeping the clothes for myself!!! ^.^

Kickoff Tuesday with smitten for cute, fun and cheerful outfits!!! Ladies who love to play around with fashion and mix and match your pieces like a you're a playdoll, be smitten!!!

On Wednesday, stand out and have heads turning in the office with trendy outfits from dressdownfriday. You'd find affordable chic pieces that looks presentable and feminine!

Lastly, Thursday’s launch with Accessori will complete your everyday look with the perfect accessories! Accessori carries rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pretty pieces for your hair!

Now you wonder, WHAT ABOUT FRIDAY?!

I know Friday is the sweetes day for most of you cox it's either the last day of work or school for the week. So Jipaban is not trying to beat the fact that Friday is already awesome to start with.


Every Friday, there will be new SPECIAL STAR BUYS!!!

where the SALES section will be updated with new items up for SUPER SALE, just for you!!!

Remember 12 pm everyday Monday - Friday, on Jipaban!!! There'd always be something new for you shopaholics!!! ^.^ Here are some of the outfits i've put on my instagram and i am proud to say some pictures made it to Popular page. Lolol.

Sorry the pictures resolution are not good but hey, i only do this once in a while lolol. And yes, i really need the new iPhone to be out. iPhone4 de front camera suckballs.

First picture i show you is actually irrelavant cox only can see like 5% of the dress Jipaban sent me. But you know why i added that in right? Cox i thought the smile was quite nice =D Lolol.

Wore it for lunch with Nami San ^.^

Looks like this! Mei bu mei!

And emo bunny girl top from Jipaban too ^.^

Black lace top-dress.

Blazer and bag on the left picture, and ash grey cardigan and dress, all from Jipaban!!!

Camho shots of me in Jipaban items. Defug i even wore a Jipaban dress when i got proposed to.

This shot also irrelavant cox only can see like 10% of the pair of Aztec shorts from Jipaban lolol. You know or not, why i added this picture. HAHA. Wo de jiao mei lah! Lolol.

Full outfit that day. Did i already say this, bag and shorts from Jipaban!!!

Everything from Jipaban!!!!!!! My god they really sent me lotsa clothes O.O

Python prints top.

Trusty cardigan that was going for $12.50 at Jipaban sale section =_= Jipaban spoil market. Lolol.

A video for smitten. Find new items from smitten every Tuesday on Jipaban!

Alright! I hope you have a fun time shopping EVERYDAY on Jipaban!!!

Click on the links to check out what are the styles you love most!!!
Monday – maryjulian by Jade Seah

Tuesday – smitten

Wednesday – dressdownfriday

Thursday – accessori

Friday – Special Star buys!!!

12pm everyday!!! SHOPAWAY~

ESPECIALLY FRIDAY!!! That would be my favourite day cox there's new SALES items ^.^

I want

Every single time i pass by big houses, i ask myself (or Josh, if he's with me), "How do they do it?"

How do they afford it?

I figured they must be doctors, lawyers, or business-owners.

I don't think anyone of them afford the house by being a blogger so i do see why even i would think it's a bit (a lot lolol) far-fetch for me to want to own a big house lol. A big landed house.

But i don't know how to describe this feeling. This feeling that tells me that i just will.

Becox i want it, a lot.

It's strange.

And today Josh told Tiffany (our dog =_=) that she is very cute and that he will work hard so she can stay in a big house.

Defug, this guy never told me such romantic stuff ever before?!


Okay but i think if Tiffany gets to stay in the big house, i can't be left out right? I don't mind being the free-loader hahaha. 托你的福, Tiffany. Lol.

Anyway. Recent weeks, this idea keep shouting out to me.

This idea about dreams.

Even before watching Katy Perry(Part of Me) movie, i keep seeing movies/ quotes that somehow pops up to me, asking people to follow their dreams. And then after the movie i just feel like, oh man, i should have been a singer. Lolol. Had anyone told me when i young, how important dreams are.

And like after the movie Sophie, Wendy, Yutaki all also were like "LET'S FORM A BAND!" Lolol. "Let's all be singers!!!" So i guess maybe everyone's dream is to be a superstarrrrr. Haha.

Now i have to rush out of the house and i can't keep writing but i just wanna share about what i've been thinking. Dreams. All the dreams you ever built, you can make them come true, i think?

Last time my dream is to be a singer. I don't know what happened.

I aged i think. Lololol.

And then since young, i wanna be a shopowner. That's actually pretty easy to happen if i want to but i want to do it with people i trust. So that should happen sometime next time.

And then i also wanna be staying in big landed house.

If you don't believe in dreams, then just believe in what you want.

I want this, and i want that. And all of them eventually come to me, after one incident or another, they all do. So good luck to you and me. You never know, 5 years down the road i might be one of the many millionaires in Singapore. Lolol. Second blogger to become a millionaire. First should be Wendy cox she should be picking up a bag of diamond pretty soon, if her visualisation skill is good.

I see me, living a super swanky life.

But i mean, look at me. Do YOU think that can happen? I am just curious of how people think about me being super duper rich hahaha. I find that alone is funny, me being rich. Like, how do i spend all the money? $3 tops? $5 dresses? I'm not sure man. I think I have to spend more to earn more!!!

Getting very incoherent now. So much thoughts @.@ Bye!

26 August 2012

QWeekly - Events

Went for two events this week!

One of it is a Furby event with Wendy and Huiwen ^.^

If you don't know what a Furby is, you're probably really young. Lolol. Good for you.

Furby was the "IT" toy!!! I've always wanted one as a kid!!! And now it's back! And i was given a black Furby. Lolol. Imagine that. Cox i don't have picture of the new 2012 edition Furby in black.

The white one is super princessy and pretty yes?!

Them Furbies hanging out and singing and dancing. YES. They do all that. Talk to you, and react to your actions and the things you say. These 2012 Furbies even has iPhone app on their own, which allows you to create your own food and feed them and learn their language!!! =O Look out for it!

Wendy, Huiwen and i ^.^

Next event, YSL. As mentioned in the previous post, thanks to Yutaki for the invite ^.^

This is just a small part of the counters YSL set up for their guest to play with their skincare, make up and fragrance line. So luxurious one!!! One of the most generously-organised event i've been to!!! With great canapes and champagne with fresh strawberries being served all round!

Yutaki, Wendy, me and Sophie ^.^

And one more! Everybody keep nagging about me my dress that day. Say it's very crumpled. If i never tell you, you got notice meh? Lolol. My shoes are from Jipaban by the way!!!

I played with their eyepencil and lip stain and blusher and this is the end result. I thought i look prettier than with my original makeup already!!!

Like this ^.^

But then Wendy was like "I DIE ALSO WANNA CONCEAL YOUR PIMPLE SCAR" Lolol. So she went on to do it and then got carried away and started redo my blusher and eyeliner and lip etc.

She put blusher that time ask me "After this you are going home right?"

I'm thinking OMG CAO WENDY CONFIRM IS MAKING ME LOOK LIKE A CLOWN NOW!!! Lolol. That's why she'd think it's okay since i'm heading home after the event, so no one will see!

But mei you lah, she very yong xin de colour my face. Lol.

A lot is going on here. Sophie did the most epic face i don't wanna post it cox it's just too... Very bad. Lolol. Wendy is doing my makeup and i am being made up and Yutaki is capturing the moment.
Wendy, me and Sophie ^.^

She say she can go be a makeup artist already. Lolol. Go lor. I am happy to be her first satisfied client who didn't pay her lol. I really loved the way she drew my eyeliner thou!!! Xie lah~

YSL will be opening their first shop in Singapore! At ION, in September. So do look out for it! I don't have to rave about the superior quality of their products becox you should already know. Lol.

As you read this i should be on my way back from KL with my dad and mum and nephew.

Alright bye~ Two more camho shots of myself =D

24 August 2012


I meant to say Vogue.

Before you release the devil in you to plan a mocking comment, lolol, i know it's pronounced "Vog" with a silent "gue" lol. The first time i ever came across this word was cox i saw it on the magazine VOGUE.

That's not very long ago thou. About 7 years ago. I think it's Josh who told me how to pronounce it. Lolol. Cox i think i indeed, did pronounced it as Voh-Gew. LOL. I hope he knew back then what kind of trouble he was getting himself into by choosing to date me. Lolol.

Anyway, this post has no meaning.

It's just to show off my pictures and to earn some praises. Lolol. What's new?

Inspired by the YSL cover girl i went home after a YSL event, touch up some red lipstick, put on the only black top i can find in my wardrobe and make-do for these pictures.

This is one of their visuals at the event.

As you can see, i don't have blonde hair, and no deep-set eyes but STILL, i try. Lolol. Actually totally don't look like lah. But when i was at the event i thought this getup looks interesting becox the model had her eyebrows shaved. Lolol. Later i was told by Yutaki and Wendy that she didn't and that maybe i am blind. Lolol. Maybe.

Will share more about the YSL event but you can hold your breathe for the FIRST and ONLY YSL shop to be opened at ION in September!!! Lotsa people are excited!

Zhuai. Wendy help me draw the eyeliner one ^.^ Hen mei right! Thank you, Wendy!!!

Hands up = Supermodel

Headache = Supermodel

❤ ❤ ❤
❤ ❤ ❤

All the YSL products the organizer very nicely prep for every guest! Love love love!!! LOVE the Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat!!! It's a corrector/ illuminator pen. Something like a concealer but it brightens up that area at the same time. I blogged about it before! Used by a makeup artist who did my makeup! It's awesome lah!! Especially for covering dark eye circles if you have!

Thank you YSL! Thanks to Yutaki for the invite ^.^ Tata!

22 August 2012

Making-of the wedding

So yes, another wedding update.

Everyone around me has asked me the same question, "How's your wedding preperation?"

I always only have one same answer.

"Okay lor. Nothing much to do. My wedding planner from Eternally Yours takes very good care of everything. I just have to appear when she ask me to" Lolol. It's true thou! I really have nothing to worry about for the wedding preparation. Clarice helps me settle everything pertaining to the wedding. I just have to worry about looking good. Haha ^.^

And i've ask my hair sponsor Cleo Hair and Make to do my hair for the wedding. And they suggest i go back whenever i am free to do hair treatment so there i go again! =DDD

My hair without any styling. Got healthier not ^.^ Got right.

One more self-shot =D

With Niao Niao. She wanna colour her hair so she went with me lah.

❤ ❤ ❤ CLEO Hair and Make ❤ ❤ ❤
Located at Millenia Walk, P2-09 (Level 2) PARCO Marina Bay
Tel: 6338 5250 Facebook Page
Testing and trialing the hairstyles that i want. This is the first style i ask Sio to help me with. We are going to keep working on it but with this rough guide, what do you all think about it?!?!?!

Second hairstyle. What do you think what do you think?!?!?!

My sister Niao Niao ^.^ Hair done by Ryo.

All our camho shots

My outfit that day =D Mei bu mei! No need to answer this question. But really, i need to know what you all think of the hairstyles! Thank you first lah!

Sio and i ^.^
❤ ❤ ❤ CLEO Hair and Make ❤ ❤ ❤
Located at Millenia Walk, P2-09 (Level 2) PARCO Marina Bay
Tel: 6338 5250 Facebook Page

And Josh's ^.^

We are very very thankful and lucky to have La Belle Couture custom-make our wedding outfits ^.^ I am so so so happy with their services so far!!!

Their consultants and seamtress and designers are all very professional and SUPER DUPER friendly and helpful! =D Like actually during my first meeting with them, i have totally no idea of what i want and other than giving me suggestions for me to consider for the wedding outfits, they also give me a lot of very useful advice on wedding preparation! The ladies at La Belle Couture are really nice lah!

Each time i posted something about La Belle Couture on instagram, there will be comments telling me i will definitely enjoy my experience with them and some others will talk about how responsible and reliable La Belle Couture is. And one even say they love Almond, my designer cox Almond made her a beautiful dress too!

It's really rare people speak up for a service/ company i feel! Most of the time people rant more than rave. So La Belle Couture must have been doing it right ^.^ I am happy to be working with them on my gown! =DDD

Trying the inner-piece out. One thing i learn, wedding gowns make all ladies feel busty. Lolol.

My dress on the left. And other stuff. And the sketch! =DDD Awww. I'd always remember this dress is made from scratch JUST FOR ME!!!

Of course if you don't wanna custom-make a dress and just wanna do rental cox you feel like you'd never wear that dress again anyway lol, La Belle Couture has a HUGE, HUGE, SUPER HUGE collection of dresses too. Of various styles and it can be altered to fit you perfectly!

If you're a bride-to-be, these people are who you wanna work with for your outfit and your hubby's. Thank you guys!!! ^.^ Thanks La Belle Couture!

I just snapped a whole lot of pictures and i can't wait to show you guys! Next post!


Discounts just for my readers! If any of you is planning a wedding, here's one more reason why you should consider La Belle Couture!

SPECIAL DISCOUNT for my blog readers!!!

La Belle Couture is offering S$200 discount when you sign up a full wedding package with them.

Full wedding package includes ALL of the below stated!

- Pre-Wedding Photography package service and

For her:
- Actual Day Gowns (Off-the-rack full designer range available)
- Complete set of accessories: Veil, headpiece, necklace and earrings

For him:
- Full Suits (two or three piece suit with accessories)

- Makeup and Hairdo
- Wedding Car
- Floral Bouquet

In short, they take care of most of the stuff for you lah! =D

Check out their website La Belle Couture

You should really drop by their shop to check out their photo collection and their wedding gowns collection! The website doesn't do them justice =X Good luck, brides-to-be!!! ^.^