03 November 2012

SENKA + Ma Chérie launch

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Trying to pose like the face and ambassador for Ma Chérie.

Went to attend the launch of TWO exciting line of products for hair and skincare in Singapore!!!


Ma Chérie and SENKA ^.^

If you remember i posted 6 bottles of Ma Chérie hair products quite a few months back. I bought 6 of them at the same time cox it's SO hard to find them in Singapore and it smells soooooo good! =D

That's why i am EXTRA happy to find out that Ma Chérie (from Japan) is FINALLY gonna be launched in Singapore!!! =DDD It means i can find it here readily which is awesome!

Also SENKA is one of the best-selling + affordable + popular skincare line in Japan!!!

You know you just gotta trust all Japanese products. Lolol. So i am very excited to try it out too!!!

Michie went with me ^.^ Told her to pose one demure / look-far shot for me haha. Fail.

No, not my wedding yet. LOL.

I am very happy the people from Ma Chérie and SENKA invited me for their product launch! ^.^ It's awesome and the dresscode is "White" so that's why i wear like it's my wedding like this lah lolol.

Deng deng deng deng~ Introducing..

❤ * * Ma Chérie * *
Awwwww.. You so pink and pretty and i know you even smell good~~!!!! And..
SO many different types of cleanser, there must be something perfect for anybody's skintype! I'd share more about the products but for now let's have fun at the event ba~!!! =DDD

I was asked to be their demo model for the event =DDD LOVE IT! Hahaha.
Just love it lah, that a lot of people will be looking at me haha.
Got people bun up my hair all. Really looking a bit weddingish hor. Michelle snapped this picture and told me "Eh smile leh!"

"Like this can or not" Lololol.

Done! I snapped this picture and then i told Mich that my face looks very small and she's like..

"I also can" Hmm.. Maybe you'd excel in other things? LOL. Kidding lah~

The place the Ma Chérie / SENKA event is held at is at a cafe concept shop like this! At Millennia Walk. It's call Octa Hotel. Me and Mich walk around trying to find a hotel cox we didn't know it's a cafe lolol. The whole shop is really dainty, vintagey and cozy!!!

Nice ba~ Most of the things you see in the shop are for sale also one! And they also serve food and drinks and pastry etc. So if you happen to be around Suntec / Millennia Walk you can check it out!

Mich and i making full use of the sunlight. Haha.

Light refreshment before we get to know more about SENKA and Ma Chérie!

Telling us more about how unique SENKA cleansers work. I WANT TO TRY LEH!!!

I'd love to share more but maybe in another post! The really amazing part that make me go "i'm sold" is the part where they explain that their cleanser works in a way the agents in the cleanser extract and catches the dirts and impurities, and then wrap them up for washing off. And that's very different from how the usual cleansers work which is cleansing agents + impurities mix, and wash off.

Instructor who looks damn young but i asked, not THAT young lolol. Not old definitely but I thought he was 18 or 20 please. Okayokay, he introduce what i'd use what. Lolol. To forever youthfulness.

Die die die. He's gonna remove my makeup. Hahaha. Okay lah, i think he's quite humane about this. LOLOL. At least he's gonna leave my eye makeup on. Ah boh confirm kena broomed out one. Like "WHO IS THIS LADY HERE trying to crash our party!" Lolol.

Just a few gentle swipes..

The attendees from various media that day ^.^

Every table has a basketful of products for them to try! How thoughtful! =))

One of the product used on me has this soothing / relaxing your mood effect and i don't know is it i xin li zuo yong or i sit too long or it REALLY works, i felt so comfy and yawny and sleepy lolol. Okay lah, maybe it's i really enjoy people working on my face / hair / body (like massage).

Left side face makeup removed. I can haz rosey cheek after using their cleanser and moisturiser and sunblock etc! =DDD WANT.

Personally i think i will love their products (even before i read up about it) just from the demo becox of the texture!!!It's very.. Non-existent like this. Really like after you apply, it gets absorbed very quickly or something. You don't feel like you piled on 10kg of products. Also ah, it's not sticky!!

These qualities are very important to me becox i cannot stand stickiness/ heavy feeling on my face!

Next i get to try the Ma Chérie products!!! =DDD Some moisture spray to fix the frizz.

If only you can smell it from here!!! I swear they have the nicest smelling haircare products!!! And comes in such pretty packaging omg sold sold sold!!!

I can't wait to try all these on my own and share them with you guys!!! =DD

As if my hair is not nice-smelling enough after using TWO of their haircare products. They still have a hair fragrance thing!!! =OOO I feel like a garden filled with sweet fruits and flowers lolol.

Mich snapped this in the middle of the demo. I'm sure you can tell which side has Ma Chérie on.

Having manageable hair can be so easy!!!

Mich wanna help me fix the other side of my hair and say she know how to do it after she watch the instructor do it haha.

"Go away. Let the pro do their thang"

Got my makeup touched-up too. Omg the people behind Ma Chérie and SENKA are so nice and thoughtful really!!! ^.^
Mich pass this to me and say this is the product made for me. It's the hair fragrance. She say cox i always don't wash hair =X And that my head is smelly. She anyhow say one lah..... *guilty* Lol.

Look at these peach pink packaging again please. Would you please. Packaging already win all the girls hearts over already ^.^V Don't know about you but I will judge haircare products by the packaging one. Lol. I'm sure there are more than one good product out there. But whichever looks good PLUS smells good would probably win my heart first. Haha. We're girls!

Okay my hair is done! One of me as the temporary face of Ma Chérie haha ^.^

One more.

This is the magic to keep hair moisturised and manageable all day!

The pro working on Michie's hair. From limpid, flat and messy hair..

To this! No need to flat iron, no need to curl, just apply Ma Chérie products!

Michie's turn to be temporary face of Ma Chérie lolol.

Lolol. Act class. Drink die you. No really, will drink die you one, that one is shampoo.

Okay last few camho shots!!! =DDD Had such a good time at the event!

Most happy to find out about SENKA actually! Although not much picture of SENKA =X I think cox it's blue and i'm more attracted to snap pictures of pink stuff lolol. And also i'm happier to know about SENKA becox i already knew about Ma Chérie and i know that it's good but it was hard to find here! Now it's like two great news!!! =D Can't wait to try all the stuff!!! ^.^

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Look out for these products in selected Watsons!!! ^.^

One with all the pretty and nice ladies!!! ^.^

I got two HUGE bags of products! Gonna try them all and share about it with you guys!

For now like Ma Chérie and SENKA on Facebook to find out more about the complete collection of their products and to be updated of any promotions / workshops they might have!

Please stay tuned to my blogposts on Ma Chérie and SENKA and you could win exclusive invitations to SENKA or Ma Chérie workshops with FREE goodie bag for first 100 registrants!!! ^.^

Do check their Facebook pages out! I hope they post tips on skincare and haircare also!!! I'd be really keen =DDD Tips from the pros and from Japanese are always good, remember. Lolol.

And Ma Chérie is also giving away free samples if you sign up for any consultation with them through Facebook. Last till 7 November and only exclusively at Watsons Ngee Ann City!!! Hurry down now to get your free samples!

Links for your convenience as usual ^.^


Anonymous said...

hey, may i know where did you get your white dress from? super pretty!! thx

Anonymous said...

Where can get the dress? Nice nice!


Hanna Lei said...

I love your dress! My blog

Anonymous said...

halo qiu qiu,

i'm jz wondering is mich ur sis or fren? thx :)

PeiWenWang said...

Where did you get yr dress from? It's so pretty on you! :D

Amber said...

That's a beautiful white dress you're wearing. You really look good in it!

Anonymous said...

Hi qiuqiu, saw snippets of your face in the cinema today, during the trailer for ah boy to men! Hehe looking great and congrats!

Anonymous said...

hey.. just one tiny little suggestion..
hope it doesn't come in offensive ah..
very hard to read your blog via nuffnangx leh..
coz those writing above pic/below pic, is not in "wrap text" form like the rest of paragraph.

coz i think is programming bugs from blogger or nuffnangx, i don't know which, text that is too close with picture is following picture formating. understand ah.

so, the solution for this, just leave the text and picture minimum apart one or more

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!!! you really looked like a bride! super duper gorgeous!!!! and i also thought the huge ass first pic was you initially haha you should wear white more!!! super lady like! love love love!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Qiuqiu! Wanna check with you, where you buy the revlon butter lipstick from? Thanks =)

Anonymous said...

Hi qiuqiu :) Where did you get your dress from its gorgeous!

vienasuncion said...

i love your dress! where did u get it?

vienasuncion said...

i love your dress!!!!!!!! where did u get it?

vienasuncion said...

i love your dress! where did u get it?

Agnes Sim said...

Is it available in Malaysia?

Anonymous said...

hey qiuqiu!

where did you get your dress from?
please replyy!

Nana said...

I like Ma Cherie!! Especially their mousse :-)

Anonymous said...

your friend mich is so much prettier than you, does she have a blog? cause i'd rather read that one

Anonymous said...

Please la u so pretty maintain ur hygiene la.
People see u so pretty but then ur hygiene... also turn off.
Just a suggestion but really