29 August 2012

Jipaban - DAILY UPDATE for your shopping pleasure!

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If you have been following me on instagram, you'd know i have new clothes to wear almost every other day =X Lolol. Thanks to Jipaban mainly, as you can see i always credit them!

One of the last few outfits i wore. Bag and shorts from Jipaban.

They are the ones who keep sending me new clothes and spoiling me lol ^.^ To a point i only wear my clothes and appear in pictures once or twice max for each outfit. I mean i still wear them, but i just don't take pictures with them more than twice. Okay except the shorts Wendy gave me =X Lolol. I TRY not to repeat my clothes.

Even when i have so much clothes, i still complain about having no clothes to wear sometimes. It's a girl thing. I am confident many of you (especially girls) face the same problem.

So sometimes, we just HAVE to shop. It's not even like a choice. It's like.. Boh bian.

And Jipaban is offering something VERY exciting for shopaholics like you and me!!!


Yes, DAILY, at 12pm, there will be new items put up for you to satisfy your shopping craving on Jipaban!

Every week, from Monday to Thursday, a collection is launched from their various brands:

Get a good head start for the week on Monday and beat the Monday blues with maryjulian. maryjulian by Jade Seah carries clothes that every girl can fall in love with, that are of superb quality and fitting! I did a post on it before and i am still keeping the clothes for myself!!! ^.^

Kickoff Tuesday with smitten for cute, fun and cheerful outfits!!! Ladies who love to play around with fashion and mix and match your pieces like a you're a playdoll, be smitten!!!

On Wednesday, stand out and have heads turning in the office with trendy outfits from dressdownfriday. You'd find affordable chic pieces that looks presentable and feminine!

Lastly, Thursday’s launch with Accessori will complete your everyday look with the perfect accessories! Accessori carries rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pretty pieces for your hair!

Now you wonder, WHAT ABOUT FRIDAY?!

I know Friday is the sweetes day for most of you cox it's either the last day of work or school for the week. So Jipaban is not trying to beat the fact that Friday is already awesome to start with.


Every Friday, there will be new SPECIAL STAR BUYS!!!

where the SALES section will be updated with new items up for SUPER SALE, just for you!!!

Remember 12 pm everyday Monday - Friday, on Jipaban!!! There'd always be something new for you shopaholics!!! ^.^ Here are some of the outfits i've put on my instagram and i am proud to say some pictures made it to Popular page. Lolol.

Sorry the pictures resolution are not good but hey, i only do this once in a while lolol. And yes, i really need the new iPhone to be out. iPhone4 de front camera suckballs.

First picture i show you is actually irrelavant cox only can see like 5% of the dress Jipaban sent me. But you know why i added that in right? Cox i thought the smile was quite nice =D Lolol.

Wore it for lunch with Nami San ^.^

Looks like this! Mei bu mei!

And emo bunny girl top from Jipaban too ^.^

Black lace top-dress.

Blazer and bag on the left picture, and ash grey cardigan and dress, all from Jipaban!!!

Camho shots of me in Jipaban items. Defug i even wore a Jipaban dress when i got proposed to.

This shot also irrelavant cox only can see like 10% of the pair of Aztec shorts from Jipaban lolol. You know or not, why i added this picture. HAHA. Wo de jiao mei lah! Lolol.

Full outfit that day. Did i already say this, bag and shorts from Jipaban!!!

Everything from Jipaban!!!!!!! My god they really sent me lotsa clothes O.O

Python prints top.

Trusty cardigan that was going for $12.50 at Jipaban sale section =_= Jipaban spoil market. Lolol.

A video for smitten. Find new items from smitten every Tuesday on Jipaban!

Alright! I hope you have a fun time shopping EVERYDAY on Jipaban!!!

Click on the links to check out what are the styles you love most!!!
Monday – maryjulian by Jade Seah

Tuesday – smitten

Wednesday – dressdownfriday

Thursday – accessori

Friday – Special Star buys!!!

12pm everyday!!! SHOPAWAY~

ESPECIALLY FRIDAY!!! That would be my favourite day cox there's new SALES items ^.^


Nini said...

cute outfits

Caline said...

i'll check the site out but i kinda doubt they ship internationally T.T

Anonymous said...

i like the shoes in the jiao mei pic!!!!! hahahaha
pretty pretty pretty
love all your pics coz ni hen mei!!!!!

Alice said...

I've bought items from jipaban and they are all made with good quality and yet priced reasonably (cheap cheap!! :)). Great post and will be shopping away on their site soon! ^.^

Charlotte said...

please share where you got the white skirt (the one you matched with maryjulian blazer and bag from jipaban). Been looking for such skirt for very long. please. :)

Anonymous said...

any discount by quoting your name?

Anonymous said...

where did she say she got her sandals?

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the sandals! Pls tell us Qiuqiu!

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the colourful sandals?! So prettyyyy! <3

Anonymous said...

omg where did you get the sandals so nice!!

Anonymous said...

omg where did you get the sandals so nice!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu Ting, May i know if you still remember the shop name that you brought the blue flowery dress from Jipaban?