26 June 2012

My INVISALIGN journey - Smile!

When i tweeted/ blogged on occasions about me wanting to get invisalign, about me getting invisalign soon, about me getting invisalign finally, there will always be replies/ comments telling me i don't need invisalign cox my teeth looks perfect, straight enough, it's not that bad, and i even had comments saying "I'm so jealous of your teeth! They are so straight!" No joke.

And i can understand why! I mean cox most of the time i smile like this in pictures.

Right? Except that "tiger" tooth, my teeth looks almost alright when i smile like this.

Vomit please. In actual fact, my teeth look like that! =(((

The bottom looks more crooked and it grows more crooked over the years =(

My top row of teeth which i didn't thought was that bad, is actually quite bad. Lolol. Like i have a bit of a bah-geh, like the teeth are all protruding outwards =/ Who made me like that!

Just for my own record purposes, here's how my teeth looks like on the side.

So far, this doesn't seem like a post i'd love to remember. Lol. All my teeth pictures look so fug! And this teeth issue, is one big consideration when i select and shortlist pictures for my blog.

If i can't fix the teeth (usually cox i smile with teeth at a certain angle, i'd not use that picture no matter how good the rest in the picture look like. Lolol. Okay maybe except this one cox Wendy laugh until very happy lolol.

I had to heartsor my mouth cox my teeth look SOOOOO bad!

So bad that when i was deciding to save over the original picture or to save as a new picture, i choose to save over. Cox i don't wanna see how bad the original looks like. It was just crowded, messy, with the two front tooth protruding =_=" And that time i didn't thought i could be doing invisalign!!!

And thanks to Wendy's introduction and recommendation, i finally started on Invisalign with Orchard Scotts Dental!!! =DDD And as all of you know, Wendy has gone through invisalign and has perfect smile now and she blogged about it here!

The time she shared about invisalign, was probably when many females like myself, added a wish into our to-do list. I did! I told myself i'd do it someday! And i'd probably have to pay for it. And i was hoping to have it done by 28 becox then at least i have time to flaunt it and focus on looking super chio before i have kids. But then now i think again, I'D STILL DO IT no matter how old cox if i don't, i'd have to live with fugly teeth!!! And it cannot bother me like that, my whole life!!!

It's not just about being chio i feel! It's about being presentable for the people you'd meet. Your clients, your colleagues, your bosses, your potential bf/ gf.

And having straight teeth will really affect your confidence level!!!

If you / your friends is always smiling like that becox of not-so-nice teeth..

Then do something about it!!!!

I didn't think there's major problem with my teeth until i started to see myself talking in moving pictures. Like video lah. First when i really took noticed was 4 years ago when i was in some TV program and whenever i see myself talking in the TV i'm just like *CRINGE*

The crooked bottom row of teeth look like i have one boh-gek (one missing tooth) and it looks DAMN obvious on TV! Cox of all the lights shining and the teeth that got pushed inwards couldn't get light on it and looks missing lah! You know what i'm saying not! Don't know then you go see Budget Barbie now! Lolol. Which, is when and why i started to get really conscious.

I KEEP TALKING on Budget Barbie, and that black hole which looks like a missing tooth, keeps showing up! =( Sad me is sad.

And you know how singers sing into the camera in MTV?

I realise at the age of 22 i cannot do it becox my teeth is so fugs. Lolol.

So you never know, maybe when invisalign finally fixed my teeth, i'd go be a singer. Hahaha ^.^

The possibilities and ways you can choose to live your life with invisalign, unlimited!!! Lol.

So happy to see my aligners i only manage to snapped this picture of myself with it.

Oh my god. They are real =')

As you can see and as most you probably already know, invisalign is clear braces!!!

Very quick intro about why Invisalign should be your first option for straight teeth!!!

It's CLEAR!!!!!
And like the name Invisalign says, invisible!!! Nobody will know you are becoming more and more beautiful and getting closer and closer to perfect smile unless you tell them! =DDD If i were you i'd tell them thou. I mean invisalign is such a premium course of treatment!!! =DDD Yeah, show it off.

It's the MOST convenient way to get straight teeth!!!!!
Just, put, it, on. Simple as that!!! And the aligners will do their magic!!! HOW MUCH MORE SIMPLE CAN IT GET for the process of getting straight teeth!!! What i do everyday for about a week now is i eat, i brush, i put the aligners on and i floss my teeth and brush my aligners at night. Yes it's easy to put on, easy to remove, easy to clean and maintain oral hygiene! How best is this?!

It's the FASTEST way to get straight teeth!!!!!
How long does conventional braces take? I don't know for everyone but for the ones i heard about from friends and former colleagues, 2 years at least. INVISALIGN?! It varies but look at that lucky bitch Wendy!!! In two months plus her bottom row of teeth was almost all straight liao =_= Fast also no need so fast right?! Lolol.

I was told by Doctor Yap that i need 15 sets of aligners for my bottom row of teeth, which i am more bothered by.

Given that each set i need 14 days, that's 210 days = 7 months. But let's say according to Wendy's post, she was a badass and only took 10 days per set, that'd be 150 days.

Which is 5 months.


Do you know what that means? =')))))

By 9th December, my wedding day..

I'd have beautiful smile =')))))

OMG. Thank you thank you thank you.

Thank you Orchard Scotts Dental! Thank you Doctor Yap! Thank you invisalign!!! Thank you Wendy! =D My life is going to change for the better thanks to you guys!

Not done-done yet becox Doctor Yap is all about perfection. My top protruding teeth and the tiger teeth still have to carry on until aligner 23. But those are just for perfection! Anyway, carrying on.

With INVISALIGN, you don't have to restrict your diet!
I don't wanna be a spoilsport and i have no braces on before but i've heard my friends complain about it although they still do get straight teeth in the end, but the process was quite bothersome! They have to avoid a huge list of food. And even if you do a quick search on the internet about food to avoid when having braces, you can easily find out it's true, for example this article. To prevent your braces from snapping and to prevent you having those food stuck on your teeth and braces cox that'd be really hard to remove and clean. Having said that, braces is still one option to have straight teeth! But with invisalign, you can eat all you want!!! Eat anything! ^.^

It's the most comfortable!!!!
Cox you practically don't feel anything at all except the first day of putting it on, it might just feel a little bit tight. on the second day of wearing the aligners i'm just like "Dude, gimmie something more challenging. Look at me, look at me, i can put it on without a mirror" Lolol. And really, no more protruding tutu lips and no more ulcers in the mouth cox of abrasions with those metal in the process of getting straight teeth. Invisalign really is THE choice!!!

Okay huh, remember my teeth now. Oh oh, i also have video simulation of how my teeth is going to shift in the months of my invisalign treatment. Will show you guys when i update again!!!

My bottom aligner =)


Red to safe-keep the done-deal aligners. Blue for current, for me to bring out.

Comes in a box like this.

Orchard Scotts Dental
Wheelock Place #05-08
Contact +65 6732 9939
The BEST place for aligners.

Where you get the best service, from people who's done it the most time and helped the most people benefit from Invisalign and who are one of the pioneers in Singapore for providing Invisalign.

Orchard Scotts Dental is THE place for Invisalign becox they are awarded as Invisalign Platinum Provider 2009 and Invisalign Platinum ELITE Provider for 2010!!!

Comfortable, clean and friendly place to keep you feeling relaxed when visiting.

Mini pantry for all their clients.

So yeap! I hope if you are bothered by how your teeth look, you'd decide to do something about it too. If you know it's a matter of time that you will do something about it, then i hope it's soon for you! I hope you will be able to fix it like i am trying to now! It's late but like the saying goes,

Late is better than never.

I am lucky i am thick-skinned =X Lolol. So i still dare to smile, talk and do my thang in front of the camera. But the teeth issue, really does affect the confidence level sometimes!

Invisalign typically cost about $6 - $8k depending on the condition of your teeth of course. If money is not an issue, congrats to you! Do it soon!!! =D We'd be in this together ^.^ If money is an issue, Orchard Scotts Dental has some kind of staggered/ installment payment system so you might wanna call them at 6732 9939 to find out more =) Good luck!!!

Don't smile like this anymore lah. Lolol.

Last picture of me before wearing invisalign aligners =)

And by the way, you hear me mention Doctor Yap so many times, here's how he look like. The legendary fluffy hamsum hair Dr Ronnie Yap. Hahaha. He's SOOOOO nice and professional please.

I went to have my wisdom tooth extracted the other time by him and i had a painless recovery.

Not just that. It was a BLOODLESS recovery!!! No wait, WHAT RECOVERY?!

I could eat normal right after the surgery cox there's no pain, no bleeding, like nothing happened.

What is this?! For the record, the last time i extracted a wisdom tooth, the wound didn't stop bleeding until 1 week plus later, my face was swollen for 2 weeks, the bruise didn't go off until about 1 month plus later. So i can say my fear for visiting the dentist is totally legit.

Then the other time i went to extract a tooth, the wound didn't stop bleeding for 1 week too, and i had these throbbing pain even with painkiller, and had to chew on the gauze for 1 week.

And Dr Yap is one of the dentist you'd be super grateful for if you're afraid of dentist visit cox he's patient! And very assuring and tells you exactly what he's gonna do so you know what to expect.

So the last time i went to have my wisdom tooth extracted by him, it was a pleasant experience and really, no dentist visit to me would be a pleasant experience becox i'd always been scared of dentist visit maybe until now =) No really, over the years i blogged many times about visiting the dentist and my fear of it. This post is one of it. Haha. I really is humji.

But now!!! NOW!!! I look forward o visiting the dentist cox then i can get new aligners so then i can have straight teeth =DDD Thanks to Orchard Scotts Dental really!!!

Me wearing the invisalign ^.^ Cannot see right? Haha ^.^

One more of me wearing the invisalign!

Feel free to ask me any questions i'd answer!!! IF i don't know i'd ask you to call/ email/ consult OSD. Haha. But you can ask me things like how i do snacking, how painful or not painful is it, how i handle eating out, whatever questions you wanna ask! Leave me a comment and i'd answer them all!

Orchard Scotts Dental
Wheelock Place #05-08
Contact +65 6732 9939


Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu Qiu,
how much does it cost to remove wisdom tooth? and isit possible to pay via medishield?

Anonymous said...

will it help overlapping tooth? one front, one back.

Anonymous said...

invisalign really painless? the pain i feel for braces is also tightness then aft tt the teeth all become weak and it becomes very sensitive to chew/eat. i tot tts become the teeth are shifting. then shouldnt it be the same for invisalign?

Anonymous said...

When putting the invisalign, is it painful?

Elledee said...

Hello Qiuqiu! Wonder if you know how much does it cost for the whole invisalign process? I previously read XX's blog and now you put them too! Just makes me wanna perfect my ugly teeth too!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Qiu Qiu!

Hope it works fantastic for you ^^
Anyway, I wanted to ask if after the treatment, do you have to wear retainers (like after braces)

Thanks in advance!

Candy Rose said...

cool i need to persuade my mum to let me have that.

by the way, u spelled fastest wrong. lol u wrote 'fatest' XD

min said...

does invisalign involve extraction if there is crowding so that other teeth can be "pushed" together nicely, like braces?

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu Qiu!
After about 5 months of using the invisalign, still need to use something like retainers? :) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

how does the installment payments work?

Qiuting said...

Anon, wisdom tooth for mine was i think 140 or around there i can't remember! You better call them and check! Cox mine was extraction, not operation.

Anon, hmm.. Okay this one i really don't know you will have to check with them! Sorry!

Anon, for me it was just some tightness and a bit of a achey feeling for about half a day only! And yeah i guess the teeth still shifts and feel a it tender to bite/ apply pressure on but it's not painful leh.

Anon, when putting invisalign, it's not painful, it's only first half a day a bit achey!

Elledee, i wrote it in this post. $6k - $8k.

Anon, yeah i guess i have to wear the final aligner for as long as i wanna keep my teeth straight ^.^ But it's comfy so i don't mind!

Candy Rose, GOOD LUCK! ^.^

min, i think most cases don't need extraction but some might! Better check with them or go for quick consultation first!

Anon, i am not sure about the installment payment you have to check with them! Sorry!

^.^ good luck guys!!!

Anonymous said...

Can it help gaps in tooth as well?



Kana said...

I think you meant:-

It's the FASTEST way to get straight teeth!!!!!

not as you wrote:-
It's the FATEST way to get straight teeth!!!!!

anyway you are an awesome blogger! =D

Anonymous said...

the magical invisalign!!!!!!
can't wait for super straight teeth and pretty smiles from you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Say bye bye to your teeth enamel! that's what invisalign requires.

Anonymous said...

Say bye bye to your teeth enamel! that's what invisalign requires.

Konayachi-nyan said...

Hello! ^^ It's pretty some time for me because I'm interested in invisalign. Thanks for sharing your experience! :)

I wonder how many times in a month (or sort of period) you need to go to dentist for control visit? I don't live in Singapore therefore if I decide to have invisalign I need to know how many times in a period shall I go Singapore for control visit.

Thanks for the info! xx. :) this is my email kona.yachiyachi@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Is it true that your teeth will become more 'loosen' after you've done braces/invisalign, and will be more fragile for the rest of the years?

TySh said...

i'm wearing braces and to get our teeths strait is the best thing in the world ^^ Xia xue did it right? she used what you are doing now.

Anonymous said...

does putting invisalign change the size/shape of ur jaw?

Anonymous said...

invisalign is not pain!..did it b4 and nv regret AT ALL!!:DD ..only ache for a day when u put on new set, thats all!!

Anonymous said...

so jelly of you!!! Invisalign is obviously a better choice but it's not really that affordable :(

Anonymous said...

hello, do they do braces?

Qiuting said...

JH, gaps in tooth can!!! I saw on the invisalign tv in the clinic, can wor.

Kniyachi, i think you can arrange with OSD to collect more sets of aligners so you don't have to make trips down to Singapore so often =) Perhaps you could email them and check.

Anon, huh i don't think so?

Anon, i'm not sure but i feel it it helps biting problems, like uner bite/ over bite and if corrected, i'm sure there would be some difference?

OMG YOU GUYS ARE ASKING ME VERY TECHNICAL QUESTIONS!!! I don't know one i guess one! Can ask me about my personal experience lolol.

Anon, yes OSD does braces too!

Anonymous said...

How do you eat in public? Remove your retainers in toilet or just remove it in public?

Anonymous said...

omg really not visible sia!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu Qiu. I realy envy and am really interested to know how do you earn your first bucket of money(be it through blogging or jobs outside). I am 20 this year and really am interested in your growing up life. I want to be as successful as you so that I do not have to worry so much about financial issues :( Im a girl anyway. Thank you!

SUE said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi, So everytime u drink or eat, u have to remove the aligners right? Do u need to brush after that each time?
When u eat out at public places, how do u handle?
Do u have to attach tiny rubber attachments on the tooth or someth? Thanks for ur advice.


Qiuting said...

Anon and Girlie, yeah everytime before i eat i remove the aligners, it's very easy to do so!

And after food i'd go brush, if not at least i'd rinse before i put back the aligners and go brush them and my teeth whenever i can.

Anon, mine would be $7k i think?

Good luck guys!

Anonymous said...

I also wanna do this but ended up getting braces cause the price was too high for a student like me. Hehe....
Anyway, I'm just being random, but your wedding date is like confirm 9th of December? That's my birthday! That's like soooo cool! Hahahha!:D I wish you a happy marriage!:)

Anonymous said...

I also wanna do this but ended up getting braces cause the price was too high for a student like me. Hehe....
Anyway, I'm just being random, but your wedding date is like confirm 9th of December? That's my birthday! That's like soooo cool! Hahahha!:D I wish you a happy marriage!:)

Anonymous said...

I also wanna do this but ended up getting braces cause the price was too high for a student like me. Hehe....
Anyway, I'm just being random, but your wedding date is like confirm 9th of December? That's my birthday! That's like soooo cool! Hahahha!:D I wish you a happy marriage!:)

Anonymous said...

dunno if i can stay up till 12am
Wish you young forever, lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of LOVE from people that you love and will love, grow super duper gorgeous every single day, stay super skinny, extra potion of happiness, lots and lots and lots of work projects that you love and want, that LANDED HOUSE, and everything to DESTINATION HAPPYNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

are those alarplasty scars?

Anonymous said...


did you have to extract any teeth before you could do the invisalign?

Thanks ;)

Qiuting said...

Anon, i simply remove it wherever, whenever i feel like eating HAHA. Very taglam but it's only like what, a few seconds.

Anon, i don't have to. But i was given an option to. Like i was given two options but i go with no extraction. It varies from people to people so only after consultation then can the dentist advice.

Tracy said...

Hey Qiu Qiu, extraction of wisdom tooth only cost 140 bucks? thats cheap! i thought normally its around 400 bucks for extraction? why this clinic charge at such a low price? thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi qiuqiu, how much does the consultation cost? :) And does invisalign help buck teeth?? I know it helps to push it back but what if my teeth is very big? Mine is protruding + big at the same time. :(

Anonymous said...

hey qiu qiu. how did you get selected? :/

Alvinorlogy! said...

Is it any kind of teeth problem also can put invisalign?? Mine is that when I clench my teeth, I got this ugly gap!!! And I got a tooth that grows inside de. So its like a straight row of teeth with one pop inwards:(

Anonymous said...

Hey QiuQiu :) My name is Iris :) Actually, I'm searching for cost of braces. But at the evening, I just found out about the invisalign in TV.I need a orthodontic treatment but I felt a bit unhappy when I can't eat what I used to eat and I will feel a lot of pain.. I felt jealous with my cousin, she wore braces for 4 years and she had a AMAZING + PERFECT teeth! Haiyakk. I also want like that. Can you recommend me what to wear, either braces or invisalign? :( Really undecided, Iris.

Ren Getsu said...

You have a sexy dentist XD
but anyways your teeth came out amazing! I'm thinking of having it done too. I'm showing off my ugly teeth soon on my website XD hopefully I look good as you later!

Tara said...

I just love your photographs!! Did you take them yourself??

Anonymous said...

thank you for telling all about invisiline, you are so beautiful!!!
today is my first day with invisaline and I hope it helps me as much as you, cheers,
Joe from USA

Invisalign Midtown- Patient said...

Woah. That's amazing progress. Truly extraordinary experience. Thanks for sharing.

kitty lau said...

Invisalign is so amazing! I just finished mine with Dr.Jasmine Lee , a dentist locate near my home at clementi, it tooks 6 months for me!!

Like what every1 said here..its more pricy for braces..but it was worth it!

QuiQiu: do u need to wear retainer after as well??

Carmen said...

Using invisalign can also help to make your face look more sharper! :)

Coleen Winton said...

That's great, you've successfully finished the treatment and I'm really glad that your teeth are now perfectly fine. Mine was, I experienced to have gaps in my upper front teeth and I was really worried about it. I searched until I found Orthofill. It helped me to fix the gaps in my teeth and I'm really confident now to smile. Kindly visit this site for more details. https://www.orthofill.com/