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Feeling much much better than previously. I guess it's just a lot of things happening all at one time. And i guess also when you see the ugly side of people.. You just feel really dejected..

Take for example.. Who would throw sausages with nails into my backyard where my dogs could have possibly eat it up? Bad people. People with a heart that contains more bad than good.

Who would lie to get situations in their favour? Bad people. Less bad than someone who think of torturing animal, but still bad.

You just gotta watch who you befriend.. Once you slack that filter, you let lotsa shit people into your life which will land you in shit situations. I would love to share more cox afterall this is a personal diary of what i'm going through in life but i need to be careful of people now..

Life gets most frustrating when things happen and there's nothing you can do about it but to just go with it. Similarly in my case now.. There's nothing i can do.. So i'm just waiting and hoping for things to get better with time.. Hopefully with time, it will =)

If i look at it in another way round, life is life, if i have to live through it, i might as well be positive and hopeful with it =D Time is time, if i have to go through it, i might as well make the best of it!

我很积极的!!! =D

Went to Cleo again to find Sio to fix my roots =D

❤ ❤ ❤ Cleo Hairmake ❤ ❤ ❤
Central @ Clarke Quay Level 4
Tel: 6338 5250

My hair is getting better these days cox Sio refuse to let me rebond / perm haha and insist i do more treatment and haircare. So now my hair quality not as shit as before liao lah. I wanna bleach also he say okay! Haha! =DDD But now i mama-image LOL i don't wanna do too crazy also.
I love Sio cox he always pay so much care to my hair =))) More than i care about my hair =X Haha!
New colour plus styling done~ =DDD
Love the ends~!!! There's very very faded blue and olive ash~!!! =DDD Not too crazy but havoc enough okay hahaha.
My roots are also touched up perfectly =))) Actually i've been wanting to do green hair for a looong time since i was pregnant!!! I miss having fun colours on my hair haha. So maybe this faded blue and olive ash is a prelude LOL.
Sio's free style hair arrangement is the best cox it's so natural and airy =D
Thank you onni chan~ Please call 63385250 for appointment with him =D

❤ ❤ ❤ Cleo Hairmake ❤ ❤ ❤
Central @ Clarke Quay Level 4
Tel: 6338 5250

My last day in Tokyo + Summer Sweets Buffet posted by

Last instalment for my trip to Tokyo with Tokyo Luxey ^.^ So glad this happened cox every experience with Japan is worth a lifetime of memory. On this trip i learnt how i deal with admiring the beauty the of life.. And the beauty of simple things.. WITHOUT being able to share it with my loved ones. It's a very scenic state of mind but it' makes you feel very empty.

Cox you know they say, when you share joy, joy multiplies. When there's so much joy and you can't share it with anyone else, it's like "Omg, there's only so much i can do" hahaha. So here i am.. Trying to share with you guys to my best ability.. The beauty of Japan.. In little little aspects..

Woke up for buffet breakfast at Glass Court @ Keio Plaza Hotel. KPH Facebook page is HERE.
The spread was rather awesome!
When they have a shifu-looking master standing at the egg station, you know they are serious haha!
On my way back to the hotel room to pack and rest a while more. Went to their convenient store within the hotel again and got superbly awed by the amount of Disney merchandise they carry!!!
Cute watermelon chocolate cube! =D
Sweep off all the eight boxes of lotion tissue paper from the shop. HAHA. I even ask if they have more, but no more liao so i sup ga liao lolol. It's like a small fraction of the selling price in Singapore.
冰山一角 of my tidbits stash for my friends and family haha!
Lovely Miyabi got me breakfast =DDD Her is the one with real beef omfg. Mine is with tamago and lotsa mentaiko =DDD
Checking out of my cute Hello Kitty Room =( But since i got some time before my hi-tea session, i got the opportunity to check out their suites and other interesting rooms within KPH!
The girl's party room haha. There are four beds and it's perfect for girls gathering! Keio say Girl's Parties are huge in Japan. Where a few gfs gather to celebrate happy little things or even nothing! HAHA. Just have fun and chat your hearts out =D So fun!!! I wanna do that with my gfs!!!
Just missing some good company~ Haha!
Keio Plaza hotel even have a nursery room where there's professionally trained ladies helping to monitor your kids / babies if you have to get away for a few hours.. Maybe for a spa, maybe for a dinner date with just yourself and your hubby =X Or maybe for a business meeting! Usually no photography is allowed for the privacy and safety of the kids but that day there was only two babies in there so i ask for a quick picture without them. Cox this is too thoughtful i gotta show you guys!
A traditional Japanese room setting within a hotel room =O
With traditional bedding sets!
Hello hehe!
Went to check out their Imperial Suite and was blown away. But how luxe it is.. And how beautifully it's done up with a good blend of traditional and modern touch.
If you see a cream white piano, you camho with it. Period. LOL.
Imperial Suite de bathroom is bigger than my bedroom fts hahaha.
Miyabi help me snap a ViVi shot. Haha. My top pretty hor, it's from Lzzie!
Went to their traditional tea ceremony room. Quite interesting! If you ever have a chance you should explore the hotel! Time's up so i gotta go for my sweets buffet hi tea =DDD
At Jurin all day dining =D Even when it's already after lunch, it's still so packed =OOO So happy the tokyo Luxey and Keio Plaza team manage to help me get a table =D
You can't tell but i'm ready to attack the buffet soon haha.
Miyabi, me and Michelle =DDD I love all the Ms hahaha!
Mango milk pudding =OOO It's sweet and citrusy so good!!!
Raspberry and cream curding =OOO
Grape jellyyyyy!! I WANT ITTTT AGAIN NOWWW~!!!
I didn't get to try this in the end cox really too much food~!!!
Didn't know this was for decor i thought it was for eating i was gonna dig a huge spoon into it already lolol.
I hate almonds but i love this!!! Japan why you make me become no-principle!!! HAHA.
Pink strawberry cake =D So simple and pretty hor!!!
EVEN MINI FRUIT TARTLETS ALSO MUST BE SO GOOD!!! The melon one omgggg.. Got gold dust some more =O Buffet spread also must so atas in presentation one!!!
Sorry 讓你們反胃, us again hahaha.
Mango tart! Very very good but i was so full i only could down the cream and mango haha!
Blueberry ciffon cake wor! I never try but Miyabi and Michelle ate lots. Mich had maybe 4 serving of this. Later i tell you why i no stomach space hahaha.
Gooey chewy berry tart pie! Very very good also!!!

Fruit cream eclair.. This is the best cream in eclair i've tasted T____T Bring me back to Japan please!
All these sweets~!!!
In case you scared jelat hor,they also have a good selection of savory food!
Thin crust pasta!!! Yumsie!!!
And they have a life station to make parfait and mini sliders!!!
These mini burgers!!! I had like 6 of them =XXX Too good i cannot control!!! That's why i thought confirm put on weight when i return!!! Who knows i lost one kg after Japan lolol. Magic.
Prawn tartlets with potato salad topped with olives and cherry tomatoes~
Assorted baguettes!
Mm tucking in~
Me so in love hahaha. Omg the chicken karage also very yums lah!!! How can everything be so good in a buffet!!!! You expect some winning items but not all???
Miyabi's French FRY. Hahaha. One french fry lolol!
After the buffet we went to Shibuya109 for shopping and check out their toilet~ They have dressing tables and power sockets for girls to do their hair and makeup.. Everything is soooo princessy T.T Japan, thank you for showing me this kind of awesomeness.. Even in a public toilet!!!
My shopping overflowed from the luggage. Lol.
At the combini in the airport!!! Japan how many times do i have to say, you are awesome in so many ways.
One with my favourite egg sandwiches.
Just have to show you guys these.. At the airport gate, the waiting area has an area for passengers to use the laptop / study. And massage chair for people to wind down T.T Their nursing room is just tidy and considerate beyond words. And these vending machines offers food and drinks and all~
Okay.. Bye bye Japan, only for now =)) Thank you for showing me the better version of everything =)) Thank you Tokyo Luxey for having me! =)))