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Gong hei fatt choi to all of you first ah!!! Wish that in this new lunar year your luck will get better and better, career advance faster and faster, cash in wallet and money in bank increase in folds!!!

新年快乐 ah everyone!!! ^.^

This new year for my family confirm super exciting one lah, got new baby joining the family haha. If anyone in your family / amongst your relatives / any of your friends are going to have a baby soon.. Perhaps you can let them know what i'm about to share =))) It helped me a lot in preparing for my pregnancy i hope that it will be helpful info to other mummies-to-be ^.^

Went for a hospital tour at Thomson Medical centre and got myself mentally-prepared by a whole lot. It all felt so much more real.. Like.. Okay, this is it O.O

Before the tour i had a lot of imaginations about how it will be like when i enter the hospital, in case my water broke and i'm wheeled in, or in case i'm strutting in gracefully hahaha! I just try to picture the different circumstances of which i will be admitted when i'm gonna deliver my baby!!!

And it made me very anxious although mostly excited lah. I even tried to visualise how my surroundings will look like when i am pushing LOL. Some nights i spend awake till dawn just thinking.. "How will it be that day?" So i'm happy that i went for the hospital tour!!!

Here we are at the main lobby of Thomson Medical. The facilitators explained to us ALL The different scenarios of which i may be admitted depending on my situation at that point of time haha.

Even share with the daddies which counter to go to for paperwork, who will be taking care of us and who to look for for different purposes. Like this very good please. Daddies are gonna have to be super cool-headed and stay calm in order to give the mummy support! Haha.

And for that to happen, daddies cannot garang gabok and get all confused and don't know where to go like that!!! Hahaha. So actually i'm secretly very happy Josh is the one who have to know-it-all for the paperwork stuff!!! Becox i think when that day comes.. I'd be VERY gan jeong and preoccupied.

So far i find the tour very informative and make me feel more in-place with what might happen on that actual day. It helps me to reduce stress okay haha! Uncertainty cause me a lot of stress one.

First thing that caught my eyes at the labour ward is this bathtub! =O

Was told that this is for mummies-to-be who chose hydrotherapy for pain relief during labour! I got curious and went to search on Youtube about water birth later.. Pretty amazing how some mums can do it without pain relief and all O.O I CANNOT. Hahaha. I am not so brave!

Their delivery suite is fully equipped to handle all normal deliveries and natural births assisted by your doulas or birth planners!

See the comfy couch for daddy? There's also an attached TV in the room and free wifi throughout the hospital. But as comfy as the whole room looks.. I really hope i won't have to stay too long here haha! I hope i quick quick go in, quick quick pop! LOL. 

I also heard fromt he facilitators of the hospital tour that you can request for essential oils to help the mum relax. I learnt from childbirth class that simple massage / soothing music can help ease tension during childbirth! I need everything i can get to feel the best i can *kiasu* Haha!

So considerate, they even provide a simple pantry and care-packs for all parents at the labour ward!

Then we were shown around to the rooms and suites!

I'm going with the suites cox i (thick-skinnedly) assume i will have a lot of visitors lah hahaha. But also is for privacy lah. You never know what my family and good friends + me can talk about lol!

OF COURSE.. The MAIN reason is the large and comfortable room size!!!
All single rooms come with attached toilet, TV and sofa! Quick little look around!
Looks very much like a posh hotel O.O
Seating area for my guests ^.^
They use Khiel’s toiletries set *Obama head nod* Lol! Bathroom also so spacious. I am sold. HAHA.
Josh finding out more info from the facilitators.

Parents-to-be may sign up for Thomson Medical centre's daily hospital tour HERE! It's free ah, in case you all think it's chargeable haha. And there's also a free goodie bag after the tour!

If in case you all also choosing single rooms, they have the "Single Room Guarantee". It means for mummies who have booked a single room prior to admission at TMC, in the event that the preferred single room type is unavailable at the time of your admission, TMC will provide a complimentary upgrade or a waiver of $100 off your room stay per day if you stay overnight in a shared room.

Another reason why Thomson Medical centre is a good choice to consider for to-be moms would be the Thomson SG50 Jubilee Joy Pack! These are the goodies inside!!!

But they are not all.

I suggest you get someone to come pick you and your husband up on the day of discharge becox there will be a total of FOUR GOODIE BAGS when you leave the hospital!!!

You'd be getting the Thomson Mummy Discharge Bag, Thomson SG50 Jubilee Joy Pack (as seen in picture above this), POSB Tote Bag and the Singapore Government Jubilee Baby Gift set! Omg haha can i say i am actually quite excited for all the gifts hahaha!

After the tour i asked about their famed chinese medicine pre-natal and post-natal care. So i was brought to one of their 4 outlets for Thomson Chinese Medicine.

They provide services and care for fertility, confinement care, paediatric massage and of course health and wellness for women that goes from pain to stress relief and more. Visit their website for more details and info! I am glad to be able to try their pre-natal massage!!!

I'd say it's one of the best things i enjoy during pregnancy and i only wish i get started on it WAYYY earlier!!! Imagine i would have much lesser water-retention, and i won't complain so much about my swollen and painful feet all the time. PLUS, i won't feel soooooo bloated and gassy the whole time!

So glad they gave me appointment few days after my hospital tour so i could quickly get started!

Getting started on my 90 minutes session ^.^ Omg my baby bump is so round haha! Like a planet on my tummy. Imagine all that weight + my guts being compressed lolol and falling on my spine haha! Massages should be made compulsory for all pregnant mummies!!! Hahaha!
My therapist Maya is REALLY REALLY good at what she does!!!

I first went to her at week 31 i think! It's already very late! But better than never! You can start at week 20 - 22! Start earlier will help increase blood circulation and will reduce water retention! It won't go away but it will be much much more bearable and that allows you to feel more normal!

Before i start my massage, my legs were like elephant legs. They felt like they were gonna explode or implode anytime. I said this many times in my previous baby diaries that my legs are so swollen, i can barely bend them without feeling like they gonna burst. Lol.

And my soles hurts too T.T I think it's all the weight gain causing it lotsa pressure.

Let's not even get started on my back T___T

That's why i say, massages should be made compulsory for pregnant ladies!!! Haha! Then only they can know that being pregnant doesn't mean you have to feel like crap physically. Haha!

Top to toe massage~ Even the water retention on my fingers is taken care of!
After the massage!!!! I AM FREAKING AMAZED NO JOKE. My legs literally look like deflated balloons. Like suddenly all the gas and water all let out and then the flesh look MUCH more relaxed and less taut and shiny like before massage!!! I call it "Lao Hong" hahaha. My legs lao hong. 

It's said that their accupressure massage is in the form of Tuina and it will help relieve swelling, muscular aches and promote bonding with baby.

What i think it does for me is to rid of the water retention (I would let go before the massage but then right after the massage i still pee a river LOL) and rid wind!!!

Really one! Don't stand or walk behind me after my pre-natal massage!!! Confirm you have to smell my fart =XXX LOL. I fart and burp EXTRA lots after the massage!!!

Overall you just walk out feeling 10 times lighter!!! Every step is much easier and feel less burdened! Compared to how my feet feel before the massage, i'd say i feel like i'm floating on air after massage!

You may call 6350 8850 for enquiries and appointment!

Thank you Maya for the wonderful sessions so comfy i always always walk out feeling refreshed!

Childbirth Education Class
One day before Valentine's Day, Josh and i went for the childbirth class for daddy and mummy!

It's especially useful for first time parents! But there were existing parents there also, for refresher HAHA. Don't say, if the gap between two kids is too long, really will forget one!

They have option of 6 weeks course or 1 full day course. Josh and i chose the full day course becox it's more convenient lah! And it's more feasible for busy parents. Not say i busy or what but i rather learn everything i need to in a day! =D But of course the 6 weeks course covers a lot more topics in details!

The one day course covers pain relief and labour info, breastfeeding and baby care.

Haha babies galore.

I find the course very enriching and informative!!! I'd recommend all daddy and mummy to-be to go for it! After the course i feel much more prepared for the baby's arrival.

And feel a lot less scared of the labour haha! Cox at least i now know various methods that can help me feel better and breathing exercises that can help me do better in the labour ward!

Exercises that we can do before baby's due, to keep our muscles strong and flexi!!!
What the heck hahaha. Josh caught this on camera. I don't know what i was doing. Probably some kind of head rotation and shoulders relaxation routine hahaha. 好陶醉哦!
Another stretching exercise!
Me and Josh in class ^.^ It's a really sweet thing to do together. And also to watch other couples do it.. It's just a room filled with blissfulness and joy!!! All awaiting the arrival of our babies =)))
Also taught some useful massaging techniques by the very motherly and amiable instructor that day on how the daddy can help relief discomfort / pain for the mummy during labour, with simple massage techniques! And then she also share about baby massage! That's why i went to sit in as demo HAHA.
Haha not relavant but i can haz ice cream after lunch break haha.
Getting very hands-on after lunchbreak! =DDD HAHA the dad behind us photobombing our one-day family de family portrait. Hahaha.

We later learnt more about breastfeeding, the different situations we might expect to happen and how to deal with it. I am really very very very scared of breast engorgement T.T

Like i swear to god i think other than labour itself (which i am less afraid of now already, cox i just learnt how i can handle myself and how Josh can help me relief pain and stress from the class before lunch break haha! Plus my gynae is quite awesome and i trust the staff at Thomson, so i am overall feeling quite good about that!), the other thing i am most worried about for myself is engorgement.

Like even before pregnancy, before menses my boobs can be so sore and painful that i can wake up in pain if i accidentally hit it in my sleep =__=" So i can only imagine how much more worst it can get if i kena engorgement. But then again.. Most mums will have to go through that. But good thing the course taught me how to PREVENT and how to reduce the pain.

And if all-things fail.. I'm just gonna call TMC and ask for breastfeeding support!
Baby care time~ Haha. I very serious okay.
We learnt how to hold the baby for shower, how to shower and later swaddle the baby, also how to burp the baby after feeding.. AND A LOT MORE omg i cannot list it all at the back of head now but i can say after the class that i definitely know how to do it when i need to do it haha!

If you're keen to sign up for the course you can email ^.^

Thank you Thomson Medical Centre for the hospital tour and for having me and my baby!!! (4 free goodie bags aside LOL) I am very excited to deliver my baby there!!!

And is very thankful that everyone i met there are extremely helpful and knowledgable and sharing when it comes to the topic of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. Thank you so much!

For you mummies / have a mum-to-be that you know of, let them know they can arrange for hospital tour at Thomson Medical Centre HERE.

Alright! Happy New Year!!! I'm going to feast this festive off before the baby comes soon after! ^.^V

NIVEA Extra White and Firm Q10 Deodorant posted by

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Sharing something that can possibly change your life. Haha.

First of all, if you're like me before, someone who don't have the habit of using deodorant, start now.

I don't have B.O or anything but deodorant don't just work in a way it makes you smell good, it works in a way it prevents you from perspiring like a athlete who just ran 2.4km especially in weather like our sunny island. Don't say run 2.4km, i walk from my house to the nearest neighbourhood mall, takes me about 5 minutes only. STILL I SWEAT LIKE I JUST DID 2.4km run T.T

People usually develop B.O due to excessive sweating and then when bacterial and germs build up along with sweat.. It emits an unpleasant smell lah. So if you would just spare yourself a second or two next time, please smell your own armpits LOL. What?! I always do that one O.O

Self-awareness is VERY important okay haha!

For students going to school with close interactions your classmates, for people going to work with colleagues, for friends hanging out, for date night with your date.. Basically, FOR EVERYONE'S EVERYDAY LIFE.. You need to smell pleasant. HAHA.

I've been sweating EXTRA lots the last 8 months becox i've put on a lot of weight. So walking becomes extra tiring. Especially under the hot sun T.T So since then i've been using deodorant lah. Prevention is better than...... Getting paiseh. Lolol. NO THANKS to armpit sweat patches!

For ladies who have been using deodorant, then you're gonna love this new star item from NIVEA!

❤︎ NIVEA Extra White and Firm Q10 Deodorant ❤︎
All new star item from NIVEA!
Pregnant, mostly feeling uncomfortable from almost top to toes (for real, even my toes are swollen lol), sweat a lot more easily, hungry all the time and feeling like a oversized bazhang sometimes.

BUT HEY, at least despite everything, my armpits are kept fresh, fair and firm!!!

Fresh from using deodorant, of course. But fair and firm?!

NIVEA can achieve that for you! For the first time deodorant has a firming ingredient present in skincare: Co-enzyme Q10 which helps firm up saggy skin and reduce fine lines / wrinkles!!!
On top of that.. It gives us fairer skin thanks to the present of licorice extract - a whitening ingredient! And it will also reduce dark patches and spots on the intended area of our skin - Armpits in this case!
And with that.. I can POSE ANYWAY I WANT TO, WEARING ANY TYPES OF CLOTHES I FANCY! Hahaha. Sleeveless, no problem!!! TUBE DRESS, okay!!!

No more awkward situations where i get sweat stains / patches. 

No more of my armpits look dark in pictures T.T

No more layers and lines in my armpits.. THIS IS WORST when caught on camera seriously hahaha.

Now you know what else to put on to boost your confidence THROUGH OUT THE DAY!!! Other than a nice smile of course ^.^V
Simply roll the new NIVEA Extra White and Firm Q10 Deodorant on and you can stay protected and covered for 48 hours round the clock!!! =D Protection against perspiring, darkening and sagginess of the armpits!!!
Even when i'm wearing outfits with sleeves, i still roll it on before i get dressed up to leave the house!

Cox like mentioned.. Using deodorant should be something that's part of your everyday routine!

Not just when you're going for exercise.. Not just before your special date or event. Make a point to stay fresh all the time, with firmer and fairer skin as you go! ^.^V

Here's a quick summary of the benefits for using the new NIVEA Extra White and Firm Q10 Deodorant! For better results you may also use it with the Extra whitening roll-on / spray and Whitening Happy shave roll on / spray!!!
Visit NIVEA Singapore Facebook page for more infos and promo!

Stay fresh, firm and fair with NIVEA! ^.^
NIVEA Extra white and Firm Q10 deodorant 50ml is retailing at only $4.90 (WTH SO AFFORDABLE!!!) and is available at Watsons, Guardian, super/ hypermarkets and major retailer stores!

The Saladicious posted by

I've always been told to "Eat more vegetables!!! It's good for you!" but i never really take it seriously until this pregnancy haha. On days when i feel constipated, i look at back my diet a day or two before.. Indeed, lack of vegetables / fruits. And they are all good sources of fibre!!!

And have many other health benefits!!! And like i've shared in my baby diary although i'm not big on vegetables =X I've been trying my best to have vegetables in my everyday diet for the baby. And now that i've been doing it for months, i am starting to love vegetables! I can even eat them raw with just simple lemon / pepper dressing. Haha. It's quite a good taste that cleanse your system and palates.

Going beyond health benefits, The Saladicious is all about bringing TASTY salads to us all.. From the convenience of a foodcourt! I was invited to go try out their salad and special menu!!!

You may find The Saladicious at Food Republic @ Shaw Lido B1!
So the next time you're in orchard and wanna grab a quick healthy, tasty and refreshing breakfast / lunch / dinner, you know where to go!

Here i am~ Gonna design my own salad~!!! =D What you do is..

Choose the base and add toppings, suggest you add a protein to go along for that fill! And then choose your dressing! Simple and good-to-go!

Tryna decide haha. Too spoilt for choices!

First one that caught my eyes!!! Salmon with teriyaki sauceeee!!! Look at the generous chunks of salmon *hearteyes!!!*

And then i also wanted to have this waldorf salad becox of the grapes and apples ahaha!

And this cox the chunks of meat and dressing together looks too yum T.T

Friendly auntie helping me with my order haha!

This is the regular serving =OOO Need to be so huge?! They have a even bigger serving one!!! O.O

If you don't wanna make your own salad, you could always go for their kitchen designed menu! They have interesting ones like Beefy Thai and i would LOVE the fruit salad. I am big on fruits ^.^V

Highly reccomended by the boss lady, their Peppery Duck salad!
Peppery smoked duck slices with all the crunchy vegetables to go with zesty sweet lime sauce or appetising plum sauce! Instantly lifts you up!!!
If you're up for it, you may go their set menu!
Caesar wrap!!!
With mushroom soup!!! I LOVE THEIR MUSHROOM SOUP WOR. I finished up both mine and Josh's O.O Hahaha.
Caesar wrap is a really interesting twist to the usual caesar salad! It has a really good combi of the soft chewy wrap + all the greens and chicken chunks filling!!! Say first ah, quite filling this one! Lol. I only took a half of it cox i wanna try other things!!! Haha!
Look at the crazy amount of filling coming out. Haha.
Asked if i could try the tuna pasta salad cox it looks too good to miss O.O
Love how every mouthful has a generous serving of tuna and cucumber for that extra crunch!
Om noms!!!
One selfie with the super nice boss lady!!! ^.^ She look very young i can't believe she's her own boss O.O
In case you guys have events / parties where you wanna do a healthy spread of salad and customised menu for your guests, Saladicious does catering and delivery too! To have a salad spread catered / delivered to your doorstep, please email for enquiries!

They are having a *** SPECIAL ITEM *** on the menu too!
Only $18.80 for 4 - 6 pax!!! =OOO
Thank you for letting Josh and me try it too!!! =DDD Pok zai goes in!
Other condiments..
Special Saladicious plum sauce..
LOU HEI!!!!!!! Look at my mock abalone haha I LOVEEE!!!
Grab one for you and your family / friends quick~!!!

delivery and catering!

Or pop by The Saladicious @ Food Republic at Shaw Lido B1! You must try their caesar wrap and salmon salad!!! And peppery duck salad if you like smoked duck!

(This is a sponsored food review)