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HO HO HO!!! DATSUMO LABO HAS OPENED A NEW OUTLET!!! And this time it's at another very accessible mall!!! =DDD PoMo!!! Which is right near Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station! ^.^

I must say i really enjoy every single visit to ALL their outlets.. But so far..

POMO is my favourite =XXX

Hahaha! I mean seriously the mall itself is quite hipster-ish =DDD Like you get lotsa unique shops and eatery, and music school, modern martial art studio etc. Therefore, i conclude this my favourite outlet of Datsumo Labo, FOR NOW! Hahaha.

Why i say for now is cox.. Datsumo Labo has been expanding SO DAMN FAST cox they are just too good to be true!!! And by word of mouth and reccomendation and lotsa raving by the public and bloggers, they manage to spread their AFFORDABLE and AWESOME services to more people!

And when people keep coming back + new customer numbers keep growing, they can only manage with more outlets and more staff!!! So you will not get into situation whereby you have to be disappointed cox Datsumo Labo is too full!

So YAY!!!! To the one hair removal salon that doesn't do hard-selling and who cares more about good service for the clients, awesome and most advance machine and technology for best results also for the customers!!! Everything they work on and improve on, it's all with the customers as priority! ^.^

And i am happy to be back for the fourth time!!! =DDD

 Kinda like their signature decor already.. White, clean and neat, grey touches and pink essence.
 Sleek recept area.
Sweet and simple consultation area. Please take note that if your skin type is not suitable for their hair removal services, they will not even try to coax you into trying as effectiveness and quality results is very important for them to deliver as it is for you to enjoy. So every new signups will have to go through consultation first to make sure everything is good to go.
Neat and clean rooms with fresh towels and robes for everyone =)
Wo mei mei ma! Haha. Changed into the sweet purple robe and pink slippers! I like this girly combi! As you already noticed, every decor / essentials are kept tastefully done in a neat, simple and basic style. As Datsumo Labo believe in only investing and spending on best quality machine and material.
Talking about the material.. Here you have the best cooling gel that most of you should know of by now. In case you don't remember.. Not only does this gel protect your skin during hair removal, it also keeps your skin soft, smooth and moisturised even after weeks of the treatment!!! And it cost at least 5 times more than the other cooling gels used in other hair removal salons =X
Getting started on my full arm. Hahaha armpits shot are always awkward....... Lolol.
By the way this is my arm now!!! 2 months after my last treatment! Which was my first for the arm. Can you believe?!?! Just after 1 treatment and even 2 months later, my arms are left with so little fine and sparse hair!!!! =DDD Very super happy with the results from Datsumo Labo!!!
My belly hair T.T Sorry ah a bit gross hahahah. Previously was worst!!!!! It was like one dark line covered with hair FML!!! Now it's soooo much better! It's been lightened with much lesser hair!!! Thanks to Datsumo Labo!!! SAY NO TO UNSIGHTLY HAIRRRR!!!
Treatment starts for my belly ^.^ First they apply the glorious cooling gel after gentle shaving haha.
Then shots shots shots of...... Nothing? It's just like light. Something you can only see. Can barely feel it, other than like some warmth? Lol.
Yay hey~!!! Painless hair removal for once really painless!!! =DD Hahaha.
Full legs ^.^ And an accidental awkward fold of the robe that looks like my erected....... Lol.
While the pros do their job.. I camho!!! Now cooling gel for my full arms!!!
As this was going on, my other leg was going on too. Amazed by how fast they work!!!
Flipping over for the back of my legs ^.^
Two of them making me feel comfortable hahaha. All the scrapping off gel and lasering etc.. Really quite relaxing lah ^.^
Act yi ge sleep. Lolol.
Camho gotta what she gotta do!!! Hahaha.
Chit chatting with them!!! Haha. Janice (the one you see smiling) has been with Datsumo Labo since day 1!!! And she recently got promoted woohoo~!!! But still very fun and hardworking omg. She has to run to all the outlets everyday to oversee stuff!!! When Datsumo Labo open more and more outlets, i think she will need to duplicate herself what the heck.
Sorry ah the lighting inside very nice cannot blame me. Lolol.
Okay last one promise hahaha.
AND I AM DONE! =DDD Thank you Datsumo Labo!!!! ^.^ And congratulations on a new certification you got for your awesome machines and technology used!!!
Just so you know, you're enjoying the best of the best. AT THE LOWEST PRICE YOU CAN FIND!!
Get to enjoy hair removal services at Datsumo Labo at a crazy price of only $49 for 2 areas!!!

If you quote "QiuQiu" you get to enjoy a 15% off!!!

I really think everyone should try it lor!!! Really is get rid of hair + achieve smooth and soft skin all in one at Datsumo Labo!!! =DDD Also i feel it helps lighten my dark patches / old scars.

So overall i think Datsumo Labo is unstoppable!!! Which salon can give you friendly service by girls who share similar love for beauty, fashion, trends and styles and travelling (i gather these from chit-chatting with the friendly staff la hahhaa) + use best technology + use best material + keep shops clean and tidy + keep prices highly competitive!!!

Seriously only Datsumo Labo =DDD So go check out the new branch! Give them a call if you have any questions! The girls will be glad to help you out with your queries ^.^

 Thank you girls for the nice experience ^.^ See you guys in 2 months lah!!! Haha!
 One more with the sweet girls~
My two favourite girls from Datsumo Labo ^.^ Thank you guys ah!!! Next time i do full body maybe okay hahahah then we can chat until world ends hahahaha.

Okay please find out more details on

Datsumo Labo PoMo
Contact: 63384856

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You all already know i am a HUGE fan of Milo, right.

Like seriously, my fridge and my kitchen cabinet always got Milo stock one lolol. Even our studio workspace de fridge Josh will always stock up Milo for me cox this is just how much i LOVE Milo.

So when Nescafe Dolce Gusto launch this new capsule for their awesome coffee machine..


Standing behind a magnificent shelf full of Nescafe Dolce Gusto Milo =OOO


You keep reading okay! Got chance to win goodies bags, voucher and FREE COFFEE MACHINE!!!

We've got Milo chocolate nuggets, Milo biscuits, Milo chocolate bar, Milo dinosaur, Milo this, Milo that.. AND I LOVE ALL OF IT!!!


I had the honor to be the first few to try it!!! Was invited to the roadshow event at Tangs Vivo!


So many flavours to choose from!!! There's the classic like Cappuccino, Latte, Classic Black etc..
And there's also the more interesting and unique ones like Green Tea, Caramel, Chai etc!
Too many choose from!!!
Please visit Dolce Gusto Singapore website for full list of flavours!

And the choices don't just end there! You get to choose the colour and capacity of your Dolce Gusto coffee machine too! And all of them are SUPER easy to use!!! If i say so, it IS so. Lolol.

So i'm pretty sure you can find something that will match the decor of your house / office pantry / as a gift for someone!!! My friends sent this as a house-warming gift to Pearl!!!

And it's not just her loving it!!! My whole family loves it! My dad and brother-in-law prefers the black coffee capsules, my mum lovesss the cappuccino she say it taste as good as if not better than the ones selling outside O.O Pearl likes everything lah she rubbish bin like this hahaha! And Ah Bong my nephew likes the Peach tea capsules and the Chococino which is just pure chocolatey goodness!!!

But let's not forget who's the star of the day hahah! The NEW Nescafe Dolce Gusto Milo!!!
I get to try out the usage of the coffee machine + taste of the NEW Gusto Milo by making it myself!
The counter was fully-equipped with all they need to run a cafe hahaha. Except much much more simplified and idiot-proof =X Hahah! And can you see!!! Got refreshing peach tea!!!
Trying it out for myself!!! Major easy!!! Just put in the capsule.. Slot it in.. And secure to dispense!
I probably look so happy cox they say my skills of making a cup of beverage is wonderful. Lol. Yeah that's right.. Cos no skill is needed when you're using the Dolce Gusto lolol.
THERE IT IS!!!!!!! Revolutionary Milo say whaaaaaaat~!!!!!!

For a start it already looks more atas okay. Lolol. See the layers of smooth velvety foam!!! Teh Tarik uncle no matter how he tarik also cannot get this foam i think hahahaha.

SMELL AS GOOD AS I REMEMBERRRR!!!! T.T I LOVE ITTTTT. When you first sip on it, what gets to you first is this.. Very luxurious velvety and creamy dosage of milk froth / foam.. And then you get to the chocolatey part that everyone lovessss!! Together in your mouth they are sooooo smooth!!! I don't know if you get what i mean! You just have to try it for yourself!

LOVE HOW THERE'S A NEW AND COOL EXPERIENCE WHEN DRINKING MILO NOW ^.^ And it's equally easy to enjoy this cup of velvety chocolatey joy!!!
Happy to be there at the Dolce Gusto Milo event!!! Didn't know Milo can be so atas hahaha. And still taste great =DDD Also had a lot of fun camho-ing at the awesome huge photowall!
Cao Jayne cut out my feet haha!

Anyway don't just look at me pose pose pose!!!

You go ahead and pose too! Cox this is how you can win a Dolce Gusto coffee machine for yourself and many other goodie bags and vouchers for Dolce Gusto!!!

All you gotta do is to post a picture of yourself with the Dolce Gusto Milo capsules and hashtag

❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ #StyloMilo ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎

You may post the picture on Facebook or Instagram!!! So long as your account is public and you hashtag #StyloMilo ^.^ Easy hor!!! So quick do it~

And you can find the capsules easily in major supermarkets and Tangs! They are sooooo affordable by the way!!! You see lah, i damnnn kiasu even after being given A LOT of capsules by the nice people at Nescafe Dolce Gusto, i still went ahead and buy a lot more boxes =XXX

Cannot maintain. I think Josh will be thrilled to find out that all these are for us hahahah.
Some desserts served at the event ^.^ Thank you Glen and Emily =) It was an eye-opening experience for me! Never knew a cup of professional and gourmet looking beverage can be made so easily!
Went home to set up my own kopitiam coffeeshop boutique cafe hahahah.
Omg let's do a bit of math okay. One cup of beverage of such standard in a coffee chain would cost $5 - $8. One box of capsules is $10.90 standard. There's usually 8/ 16 servings inside.. If it's 16 one gourmet beverage would only cost $0.68........ SAY WHAAAAAAT!!!

Even if it's 8 serving, each would be only $1.36.. Still wayyyy cheaper =OOO Sorry ah Budget Barbie shang shen. Lolol. But really loh, if you save the money from your atas coffee / tea / beverage addiction and go with a Dolce Gusto machine, you can save A LOT of $$$ ^.^V

If you're talking about coffee / tea on the go, the online shop for Dolce Gusto also carry takeout cups for your convenience!!! So.. All i'm saying is.. It's super affordable to own and enjoy this set!!!

Open up the coffee machine box and it comes with 6 different but most popular choices!!! And the box on the table that you see? Those are glasses!!! Suitable for ALL beverage the machine can make!
The flavours inside ^.^
Time for me to put my knowledge from the event to the test! Haha. This joystick-looking thing can be used to select the pressure level. Up and down = Adjust. Left and Right and let you choose hot / cold!
Okay set to level 3!!! The instructions are al stated clearl on the capsules so don't worry!!! All you gotta do is set the level, select hot or cold. That's it!
Can slowly see the foam dee!!!
For Milo, you be done with the Milo mixture and then you add and dispense the milk. And that's how you get the creamy.. Velvety.. Rich and delicious Milo!!!
Smile with the milk being dispensed! Haha!
Okay quick someone give me an award for suddenly upgrading to be good wife material hahaha.
But really lor, i bet my guests will be impressed if i serve them Milo like this =DDD Hahaha.
Next.. I'm doing a standard Cappuccino using Dolce Gusto capsules! MY MUM WOULD LOVE THIS LOR! She forever wanna order cappuccino when we eat at restaurant. Sometimes she order 3 cups =__= I think she come my house better, can stand in the kitchen and just press buttons and have unlimited supply of cappuccino hahah. OH WAIT DID I SAY IT SMELLS LIKE HEAVEN TOO!!!
Josh snapped these for me with the cappuccino I MADE!!! Haha!
Interesting one!!! Green Tea Latte!!!
The colour is so pretty right!!! Josh shot them for me. Sunlight was going down cox after i buy all the props, it's already 6pm =__=
But still.. I am impressed!!!
For the ones who tolerate no nonsense and also for our father / mother!!! This one is no joke one wor, as the Espresso Intenso dispense.. I can literately TASTE it in my mouth!!!!! Super duper strong! Even Josh say it's damn "power" hahaha.
Again.. My own boutique cafe..
Making the foamy milky base of Caramel Latte Macchiato!!! IT SMELLS LIKE.. CARAMEL IN MY FACE!!!!! AND I LOVE ITTTT!!!
AND LAST ITEM ON MY BOUTIQUE CAFE! Hahaha! Caramel Macchiato Latte ^.^

There are many more flavours to try out, you may check out and purchase online from


If you wanna try a little of everything.. Get the party pack!!! 20 serving, 4 different flavours! ^.^
One tub fulllll of capsules!!! My friends who come visiting confirm all damn happy!!!

Hahaha! I am thinking to buy one Dolce Gusto machine for the studio also!!! =DDD I think Josh's client will be impressed. Bye bye "Downstairs coffeeshop" hello my boutique cafe hahaha!

You all lucky!!! Can stand to win one coffee machine for yourself!!! =DDD

Remember to hashtag

Pose and Post of you and the Dolce Gusto Milo capsules or box!!!
You may find out more about the content HERE.

If you got a chance to snap pictures at their photowall, good for you!!! Then you can pose like this hahaha. So how, i got stylo or not?!

If not just a casual picture of the Dolce Gusto Milo box and your face also can!!!
You wanna snap with the real Milo capsules also can!!!

So if you think you’re “stylo” and you wanna prove it..

Strike your most “stylo” pose with the NDG MILO®, and 5 lucky winners could stand a chance to walk away week with a S$50 NESCAFE® Dolce Gusto® goodie bag each!

What’s more, ONE lucky winner will stand a chance to win a free NESCAFE® Dolce Gusto® and goodie bag!

Contest Period 4 – 25th April  Winners announced by 30th April 2014

Okay that's all i have for you!!! Remember to join okay!!! You'd love the machine one i confirm!!!

And now with the Milo capsules.. The Dolce Gusto coffee machine has become my favourite household appliances hahah. GO TRY THE MILO ONE OKAY!!! ^.^

For more information and to find out the full list of flavours and accessories.
Also you may shop online!!!