Yurou's 3rd Birthday posted by

Yurou turned three over the weekend! =DDD And as you can see she had a super duper happy day!
She was so happy she tell me "你也是很美 我也是很美嘢!" Hahahaha!!! Bought the clothes at H&M kids when i was shopping with Mich. Mich told me i am sibeh disgusting lolol cox i should only do that with my own daughter next time. Not like so thick-skinned snatch Si Jie's daughter LOL.
Happy girl kept telling everyone she is feeling very happy hahaha. Of course happy please. Nobody force her to shower, to eat or to do anything.
ON A HIGH!!! ^.^
Pearl told everyone that she likes only puzzle or playdoh now. So she got like 4 new playdoh sets that day!!! My 3rd sis bought her major big one that is not opened yet! Instead, my dad and 3rd sis started playing with it........ =___=" Act cute ma ni gen wo jiang? LOL.
Dinner time~! Pearl ordered sooooo much food, there were so much left!
Massive cake bought from and designed by The Bakery Chef.
"Lai put here put here" Hahaha! Yurou LOVE IT MAXIMUM!!! She's been telling her mummy for monthssss!!! That she wants a Hello Kitty birthday cake!!! And threatening people with it when she's unhappy, "You cannot eat my happy birthday cake! HMPH!" Lololol. I guess in the end everyone get to eat her "happy birthday" cake so she is happy with everyone afterall. Hahahaha!
So happy she jump up the sofa and roll two rounds on it =___=" Hahahah!
Squealing!!! You can see Pearl's and Samantha instagram / dayre. She really cannot maintain.
Making a wish in her daddy's arms =)))) SO SWEET HOR??? She cannot purposely close her eyes one, so she only cover them at best hahahaha. Do you remember what wishes you made when you were younger? Maybe more barbie dolls? I wished for toys! And then in all my teenage years i wish my crush to like me back or for my pimples to be gone. LOLOL. Shallow much.
Blowing the candles 200 times.
Cake cutting!!!
Proper picture of the cake~
Sorry my sister butchered the cake T.T Lolol. BUT HEY~ It's rainbow cake on the top tier and chocolate cake on the bottom!!! THE CHOCOLATE CAKE IS MASSIVE YUMS!!!
Camho time with the little joy in my family =)))
Lotsa people say we look the same ='O Mai lah mai lah wa mai. LOLOL.
But how ah, really look alike. OKAY LAH WO REN LE! Hahahaha! I can't believe this xiao huai dan is now 3 yro!!! You must remember this post, right? When she was just.. One day old?
Now she everyday also say things that surprise her mummy and everyone in the family! The other day her mummy was telling me she told her mummy no need to carry her, she will walk on her own becox her mummy has didi in the tummy ='))) So good girl one.
#HeYurou say HELLO!!!!!! Thanks to all those who wished her Happy Birthday on instagram~ Hahaha. If you all happen to see her outside, feel free to ask for a picture. But be prepared, she might ask you, "你是不是我的粉丝?" which means.. "Are you a fan of mine?"

*laugh die* So self-centered one. I wonder this one learn from who one. LOLOL.

ASUS ZenFone 5 - Super affordable and pretty-damn-cool smartphone ♥︎ posted by

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Introducing a fashionably sleek smartphone that produce rather impressive pictures!!! But the MAIN POINT IS.. It is one of the most affordable android smartphone you'd find in the market!

When i was told i'd be given a smartphone to try out and see if i'd like it.. I was like O.O

And then my manager told me i'd like it cox it has really fun camera functions! AND I'M LIKE =DD

Hahaha. Very practical one. I know a good lot of people get smartphone for many reasons, some like user-friendly email platform, some like the phone for awesome picture qualities, some like geeky specs of the phone that i never ever will utilise.

For me a phone has to take decent pictures (NUMBER 1 IMPORTANCE for a camho hahaha), has a calendar / reminder function that is easy to use and yeah lah, the email platform has to be user-friendly. Cox i reply work email a lot on the go, i have to have a phone that is easy to work with!

I'd start with the COOLEST function of the ASUS ZenFone 5!!!

You'd be so freaking amazed hahaha. I was!!! All thanks to PixelMaster developed by ASUS! PixelMaster is a unique ASUS-developed technology that combines software, hardware and optical design to deliver incredible image quality.

You know the thing about camho.. They loveeee to take selfies haha. Anytime, anywhere!
If you think i look a little different from how i look in real life.. You're right! I snapped this picture, with the beautification and facial enhancement features on the ASUS ZenFone 5! I'd tell you what they add-on for me! Bigger eyes, smaller face, smoother + brighter skin, blusher!!! =OOOOO
As step-by-step of the beautification of my picture showed.. The selfie camera on the ASUS ZenFone 5 is just awesome!!! This one was taken in my bedroom by the way. It's a very dimly-lit place cox erm.. Romantic? LOL. By the way.. FML got one major pimple T.T Thank you menses.

ASUS developed the PixelMaster and it comprises of several features! Here's a quick intro video!

Pretty amazing yes?! Some of the features i like are..

This "ALL SMILE" feature is damnnnn cool!!! It burst-snap 5 pictures and then allows you to pick individual best of everyone in the picture!!! So the final picture has everyone looking their best!

The DEPTH OF FIELD!!! Touch wherever you wanna focus on! It makes your pictures look very professionally taken! Perfect for food shot or macro shots like flower and stuff!

And there are plenty more modes to choose from!
These are just some of it.

This is taken with the Night mode! Perfect for night scene / night view!

Smart Remove allows you to remove photobombers hahahaha! Awesome invention really!

And this was taken with Low-Light mode!!! IS THIS FOR REAL?!?!?!?! I swear the one taken with my phone was like how it was in real life. Really is dark until cannot!!! I don't know how the ASUS ZenFone 5 does it!!!

This one was in almost total darkness what the heck. The Low-Light mode is really quite something!

And so many filters and editing tools to use ^.^

So much fun at the camera already! Now a look at the phone itself!

Simple and clean design right from the packaging!

Super slim design! It's only 0.55cm thick!!!! =OOO Freaking slim or what!!! And it only weights 145g..... This phone is anorexic. Hahahaha.

Straightforward, user-friendly and organised homepage! Oh also as you can see here.. The metallic reflection on the phone makes it look even classier but actually it's all a special kind of plastic =X So it's as light as it can get but look as classy as it should be!!!

Click in to find the essential and recommended apps for you! As you can see everything is arranged in a very simple and clear way! All thanks to exclusive mobile user interface by ASUS, called ZenUI.

Also.. This is my lockscreen. You noticed a timeline thing?

It's the What's Next timeline! Which is one of the key features of the ASUS ZenUI user platform to help us with our daily schedule. Like i said, my phone calendar is one the most important feature i need. Cox without my calendar, i don't need to run my life anymore.

I won't remember which day i have meeting, photoshoot, work, or meetup with my friends hahah.

If one day i just disappear it's either i get killed, get dementia or i lost my phone calendar.

So yup! With "What's Next" i know what's gonna happen next and what i have to do and how much time i have before i do them hahaha. It's freaking convenient lah! Make my life so much easier.

Then when you click into a day, you'd notice another key feature of the ZenUI..

See the little ticks and exclamation marks? If you done something dee, then tick it off! If you intend to do it later then hit the exclamation mark to put it in the "Do It Later" list! =D SIMPLE HOR!!!
One other cool thing about the ASUS ZenFone 5 is GloveTouch! As the name suggest, you could make full use of your ZenFone 5 during every scenario! Snowing? Freezing cold? No problem even if you have gloves on! Display sensitivity is increased for ZenFone 5, with new ASUS technologies that make it possible to use the device while wearing gloves.. Unless of course.. Your gloves are thick as my Mickey Mouse ones hahaha!

So overall, i enjoyed trying out the ASUS ZenFone 5! And i intend to keep using it. I think it is very useful for my work lah!!! The email damn easy to use omg. Can just attach pictures into your composition and then the camera got so many functions!

(Josh snapped this for me at a pretty dim place as well where sunlight wasn't coming in direct!)

The whole beautification and Best-Smile features etc are damn cool right! Everyone can look their best (or better than no makeup and haggard) with this hahaha. And it has a fast and responsive performance with Intel processor so no lagging in snapping pictures or loading apps.

PLEASE, I HATE PHONE CAMERA THAT LAGS. TAKE TEN FREAKING YEARS TO FOCUS. You guys would know what phone cameras i'm talking about. Hahah. I'm not using that phone lah, i just see my sister and Josh use, see until i pekchek sometime. Josh always whip out his phone camera wanna capture the sunset along the highway.. When his phone camera focus finish, everything also finish dee, we go inside tunnel dee. Hahahaha. FHL.

Pearl leh, whip out phone camera wanna shoot Yurou, moment over when the phone is done focusing. Lol. But somehow pictures still turn out sucky =XXX So, a fast and responsive processor is crucial!

And don't forget the various photography modes ASUS ZenFone 5 offers!!! =DDD You HAVE TO try out the depth-of-field (best for food!), low light, best smiles and beautification modes! Hahah!
You may get this NOW for only $219!!! I KNOW IT'S CRAZY BUT IT'S TRUE! ONLY $219! =OOO It's available in black, white and red colours!

It's madness loh. There's many many other functions i haven't even cover. It's a through and through smartphone lah! But the price is like.. =OOO Mad low.

I think it's good for those who want a fully-functional smartphone or those who wanna get another phone for overseas usage!!! Cox ASUS ZenFone 5 allows dual-SIM usage!!! =OOO Freaking awesome you don't have to change your SIM card in and out even if you're someone who travels a lot! This phone really focus a lot on their user-friendliness and convenience!

But generally it's good for anyone who like to snap nice pictures with the phone lah haha! It's so major sleek and light some more! Looks pretty timeless! If you're somebody's parent you can consider getting this for your kids also if they insist they want a smartphone. It's plenty good enough for them already!

I'd tell my sisters and friends (and Josh hopefully!) to change to the ASUS ZenFone 5 if they are still using Sucky O.O Really is picture quality cannot fight with the ASUS ZenFone 5.

Yet ZenFone 5 is sooooooo much more affordable!!! So you make the call okay~! Hahahah.

Bye, i gotta take a call. Haha. Nay.

Link for your convenience:

www.store.asus.com/sg (Delivery within 24hrs) the ASUS ZenFone 5

Price and Location to purchase products: StarHub, M1 and ASUS Online Store 

Clozette - Flower Power Treasure Hunt posted by

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Back with exciting giveaway from Clozette!!!

The fashion and beauty inspiration community is getting more and more active!!! I see a lot of people posting their OOTDs and fashion wants and beauty needs on Clozette! Kinda like a inspiration board!

Loving the spirit and chioness! =DDD

This time Clozette is giving away 3 X Gucci Flora Perfume!!!

And it's major easy to win!

All you gotta do is to find all the below 4 items listed in the inspired look!!!
Top and Skirt (find it under Clozette's Clothing Community)
Shoes (find it under Clozette's Shoes Community)
Fragrance (find it under Clozette's Fragrance Community)
A total of four items to hunt for! To get started..
Follow these simple steps to log yourself in HERE to play!!! Log in and fill in your contact details so that Clozette can contact you if you’re their winner =DD Create the Flower Power collection and click on the individual communities links to start hunting!

Once you've registered to play for the treasure hunt, all that's left is to get down to hunting! Haha!

I started with finding the top and skirt at the Clothing Community cox there's TWO items to search for there so i reckon i should start with the most challenging one. Hahaha.

Found the top so effortlessly hahahah! Before i got to that, i had a fun time browsing all the other fashion inspiration posted by the rest of the Clozettees!!! Haha! So it's quite a good find!
- - - - - - - -
SPOT THE SKIRT~!!! And noticed some gorgeous runway gown. Hahaha. Anyway REMEMBER to add the items you found, to Flower Power collection (you'd already set that up when you log yourself into the game, it's in step 3 haha! Now just hover over the picture to add!
- - - - - - - -
WOOT WOOT! I found the pair of shoes too~!!! =DDD Added it to my Flower Power collection..
- - - - - - -

JENG JENG JENG~ Found Gucci Floral perfume~!!! Added that too, to my flower power collection!

And when i'm finally done~!!! THIS IS HOW MY PROFILE LOOKS LIKE haha! Woohoo~!!! Found all 4 items by myself okay. Lolol. Very easy one lah, basically just browsing the community.

NOTE: Remember that you can only ADD+ the 4 items from the original Clozette-related accounts (For eg: ClozetteXXX, ClozetteABC). Adding the items from other Clozette users will not qualify you for the draw~

So good luck to your search for the 4 hidden items in Clozette’s Fashion and Beauty Community!!! Remember to ADD+ them into the Flower Power collection okay =D

Hope you get to win the Gucci Flora Perfume!!! Alright! There are three bottles to be won!!!


P/S: Reminder for those who joined the last giveaway that i shopped for you guys in this post, please check out the comments on the items and see if you've won the ADIDAS watch and other items!